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Primarily, the company used to collect useful data to innovate new beverage in the market by maintaining its original brand image consistently. In this way, Starbucks established a well-known a strong global brand responsiveness due to the influence of its product across an international scale. Besides, Starbucks had both regional, national and international impact due to the implementation of its effective marketing strategies that helped it master the coffee industry through local marketing stores as well as point-of-sale materials and controlling the supply chain effectually. Other than that, in the late 1980’s, the company set up numerous partnerships to help in expanding its stores globally by selling green coffee beans alongside collaborating with Dreyer’s Grand Ice cream to supply premium-priced ice creams to the most affluent and educated clients.

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This was an attempt of maximizing on profits and generating high returns to the firm, which proved successful through operational customer delivery services and warranting customer satisfaction. The “Take Away” Ideally, the above case study has many actual business-related strategies that I can embrace as a marketing manager. Firstly, I believe that the first step to a successful business is utilizing an effective marketing approach along with enhancing customer loyalty. This is because customers are the building blocks to a successful business just like Starbucks focused on establishing strong customer relations by ensuring it meets customer expectations. Secondly, the idea of using a multi-pronged approach in business, as demonstrated in the case study, by targeting a variety of marketing segments plays a key role in securing potential customers.

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