Starbucks Globalization Case Study

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As a result, Starbucks’ experience was born. Drawing from this scenario, success in the international business arena requires a lot of benchmarking to learn different business strategies. Business ideas can be found in any nook and corner. Also people can adapt with new culture anywhere in the world. Due to globalization in the world cross cultural adaptation is becoming very normal and for the business peoples it is great opportunity to improve their business. The big local retailer had already established its own customer group and product brand. The move helped Starbucks to easily penetrate the Japanese market using Sazaby’s existing customers. The associated benefit of the joint venture was the reduction of the branding costs in the foreign market.

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The joint venture saved Starbucks from the agony of advertising and promotional costs. Additionally, by a joint venture, Starbucks would naturally gain good reputation in the beginning and earn the trust of the customers. People from all different cultures are united because of Starbucks. It promotes the economic communication among different countries. The joint venture also enabled the companies to learn from each other’s business strategies. The international expansion strategy not only brings its own company and its cooperative companies lots of benefit but also makes a huge impact on many corporations globally. Starbucks inspire other companies to expand internationally and is a prime example for others to follow. By following fair trade policy, Starbucks would have created the positive public relation.

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