Substance Use and Addictive Disorders

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This condition is the one referred to as dependence. Tolerance: when the human body is subjected to a specific drug for a significant duration, diminished response may be observed. Tolerance can be observed in both illicit drugs and prescribed drugs and is not necessarily a sign of addiction. It is simply caused by the repetitive use of that specific drug. Withdrawal: the body undergoes a certain process when an individual stops using a particular drug. There may no self-reproach or guilt feelings after someone commits the impulsive act. Acts of violence and repetition of the same impulsive acts seem to be relieving them from stress. (Koob and le moral, 1997). The other perspective is the psychodynamic view which focuses on the factors that may bring vulnerability for addiction.

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(khant zian, 1985, 1990, 1997). e cognitive-behavioral therapy, contingency management, motivational enhancement therapy amongst other therapies. This treatment method has some weaknesses as well as strengths. One of the weaknesses includes the fact that it can only be used for individuals experiencing the same disorders. On the other hand, this method is said to be cheaper because the group members may be able to share the costs involved. Medication: when this method is applied to treat substance use disorders the process is referred to as medication-assisted treatment (MAT). What are the general features of modern sex therapy? What are particular techniques further used to treat specific sexual dysfunctions? Be thorough and specific. Use a separate paragraph to describe the treatment of each disorder. Sexual therapy is the step by step sequence through which sexual problems are treated.

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Sex therapy draws its methods of treatment from both psychological and physical treatments. Behavioral programs used for counseling as well as cognitive therapy are some of the methods of treatment applied in the modern sex therapy. Provide a separate paragraph briefly describing each of the following treatment techniques for paraphilic disorders: aversion therapy, masturbatory satiation, orgasmic reorientation, and relapse prevention training. Aversion therapy: this kind of therapy is used in treating a given kind of paraphilia by associating it with an unpleasant situation/effect. Masturbation satiation: this is a procedure whereby the victim is given an hour of constant masturbation with the verbalization of their deviant fantasies. Orgasmic reorientation: here, the clients are tough how to respond to new sources of sexual stimulation.

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Relapse prevention training: this cognitive behavioral change approach involves trying to identify and prevent high-risk situations. Why are positive symptoms of schizophrenia called “positive?” [You might need an online source to help with your understanding. Explain in your own words regardless of your source. ] The positive symptoms of schizophrenia are referred to as’ positive’ because in most cases they drive the victim towards enormous imaginations of positivity. The victim always sees himself as a very important individual in most cases. For the following four items, briefly explain what is meant by each positive symptom of schizophrenia. Explain in your own words regardless of your source. ] They are referred to as negative because they lead to lessened or normal functioning of the brain.

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