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However, the ideal timing for adoption of any new technology is greatly influenced by the organizational culture A good planning incorporates a more defined goals for proper results during the utilization of the technology (Moen, D. & Dykstra, D 2009). SNHU VITA site is workable and therefore it require a better implementation in order to stand out to the best performing system in the midst of other technologies. Therefore, the best implementation strategy is an immediate adoption of the new event tracking system for E-filling technology. A good implementation process should adjust to the following process. The second step for implementation process of SNHU VITS site is the acquisition of leadership blessing. Without the blessing of human nature, the implementation process would turn into something else.

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SNHU VITA site must therefore plan for the design of monthly newsletters based on the target audience and the technologies which should be advanced for better performance of the filling system. Secondly, they are need to prepare several online sessions and tutorials, both inside and outside the institution. This process may bring the illusion of the importance of the implementation process to other organization. A good implementation of a technology requires a detailed prototype. The prototype should be tested before it is applied in any implementation field. Prototyping will assist the organization of SNHU VITA site to have a proper integration of technology plan and in addition, the second chance to fill the voids which might have been forgotten during the design process.

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The final step is the actual implementation and monitoring process. The new E-filing technology should therefore adapt to the above set steps of technology adoption. Managers and their employees have got the higher impact on the organization because they are at liberty to take lager amount of accountability. However, owners of the organization have the highest impact on the decision of SNHU VITA site. They make substantial decisions regarding the choice of involving either internal or external stakeholders. The external stakeholder include the customers who forms the basis of the system design, suppliers, local community, the government incentives and a broader society. The needs of the potential stakeholders include the views of those who are within the business enterprise operation level.

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An effective smooth transition requires an extra effort which will ensure that taxpayers are sensitised and educated to become fully aware of the newly being integrated system. During the implementation, several Medias should be used to ensure that dynamic regions of printing points are met. Electronic and social media would be the basic media platform to implement (Ramdass, K. In addition, I would also use short video demos across the media platforms and make them available for users. The implementation of smooth transition process should be in phases with proper testing before full rollout. Faculty perceptions concerning the ethics of classroom management practices. Journal of Academic and Business Ethics, 1, 59. References &NA;. Guiding Healthcare Technology Implementation.  CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing, 33(3), E1. A method of dynamic modeling: a scheme of MBS implementation.

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