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Nonetheless can cause disastrous extremities in the person’s later life. This is a Research and Critique analysis of a community-based cross-sectional experimental Study that surveyed the prevalence of adolescent depression in public schools. The research was done by Vivek Bansal, Kalpana Srivastava and Sunil Goyal find out that of all the adolescents, a percentage three to nine of them have attained the standard necessary to be clinically approved as mentally depressed at a point in their adolescence. However, at the very edge of adolescence, a record 20 percent of teenage individuals have been observed to own a lifetime prevalence of depression (Zuckerbrot and Jensen 2006. ) This constructs up the main hypothesis to the research study in addition that the usual primary care offered by medical officials have failed in aiding a record 30-50% of patients suffering from depression (Simon and Vonkorff 1995.

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2% of all school-attending adolescent manifested (GHQ-12 and a BDI score of 14). 4% scored BDI e12. Only 5% were observed to uphold undepressed symptoms on both tests. The main leads to depression were found to be family conflicts and the bridge created between high-scoring students and those who scored less recurrently in schools. The conclusion drawn by the research study is that teachers, parents and guardians should identify the depressed students and aim at helping them professionally and socially to succumb this common problem before its edges grow fatal. Ethical principles are the must-needs that each researcher should incorporate in their studies for the validity and success of the study. First and foremost, the researcher asked the students to gather informed and written consents from their relevant parents and caregivers.

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