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Culture is simply a detailed way of life of a specific group of people in context to their personal beliefs, arts, manifestations and social actions (Storey, 2-21). Therefore, popular culture in relation to sociological behaviour can then be described as a specific way of life relating to beliefs and social practices that are predominant within a societal system at a particular time. Popular culture described in relation to cultural products such as fashion, music, television and art, is termed as either of these cultural products that are enjoyed or consumed by the majority in a societal population. Initially, popular culture was described in relation to the tastes of the lower-class and high illiterate population which was the majority rather than the educated elite (Storey, 2-21).

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However, this has changed with the development of popular culture. She tries to discuss on the challenges that arise from the aspect of television. Basing her discussions on various moral arguments between individuals who contended that television would play a major role in diminishing morality in the family. Other arguments were on the role that television would play in the family, while some potion maintained that television would bring the family together and unify the family, others argued that would end up to bring about division and breaking apart of family relations (Elkind, 54-88). She also focuses on the role that popular family television shows focused on family ideologies such as functionality and dysfunctionality of the nuclear families. Moreover, the fact that television shows were becoming more popular to the nuclear family meant that families started to visualise themselves through these television shows, thus the reason for these shows being created or tailored to suit the nature of the contemporary nuclear families.

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This would end up on leading to higher cases of recklessness and negligence in adults as the children who were growing up did not know what was expected of them. The Simpsons As an Innovative Animated Primetime Sitcom. First aired in 1989, The Simpsons is the longest running situation comedy television show. It is a perfect illustration of television shows that portray a vivid picture of the set up on modern nuclear families and child-hood. It was first released at a convenient time in which roles in the contemporary nuclear families were being redefined. Homer’s patriarchal authority is constantly diminished by the television. Looking at Homer’s physical characters, it is evident that his body is a satire of what masculinity should be.

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