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AI is of great importance when it comes to data mining because it supplies algorithms they play a vital role in data inspection and in results generation. The following are the ways in which predictive analytics methods can be improved if they integrate AI in their activities. i. Increased accuracy of diagnoses The use of AI means the use of a predictive algorithm. Therefore physician now is in a position of applying these diagnoses to ensure accurate diagnoses. With this knowledge, therefore, patients will minimize their risks and better their lifestyle. Genomics works upon improving the well living because the predictive analytics methods are capable of sorting outpatients who have similar molecular pathways and similar subtypes. iv. Enhances the provision of answers they seek about individual patients.

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Introduction of evidence-based machines remains the best solution as it offers more help compared to the simple physician feelings. These are an application with their own data warehouse whose main purpose is the provision of a graphical interface that offers easy navigation through the data. They also play a key role in the provision of comprehensive data capabilities (Dawar, Niraj & Neil, 84). OLAP also gives information that facilitates the identification of significant variables that are used in governing behaviors of certain health care measures. ii. Survey systems The survey will offer a direct interaction with the patients in the health care system. Allows sharing of devices The dives that are registered with Alexa account are allowed to share certain resources together. They can also get synchronize and collaborate in their work towards a single goal.

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