The American Civil Rights Movement

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This paper therefore, focuses on the American Civil Rights Movement (ACRM) whose formation was directly fomented by Rosa Parks’ refusal to cede her seat to the white in a segregated Montgomery Bus. The ACRM, was fundamentally a mass protest crusade for racial discrimination by whites against blacks in the southern United States. Ideally, this Movement had its roots in the protracted efforts by the African Americans to resist the institutionalization of slavery and racial segregation in the United States. However, its prominence would later manifest in the mid 1950s when black activists, including Martin Luther King, organized a twelve-month long protest against a Montgomery Bus Services that espoused and extended the ideals of segregation to their commuter services. The result was a massive protest by Blacks, preferring to go to work on foot or ride on taxis rather than the Commuter Buses, that redounded in devastating economic relapse of the Montgomery Bus Services.

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As defunct as ACRM may seem, it has not ended yet. On type, this Movement can be said to be a Radical Movement due to its determined effort to fight for the achievement of full civil rights and equality with disregard to race as espoused by the Federal Constitution. Radical movements are known for their continuous fight for reforms in value system in a fundamental way, ACRM being one of them. To this extent, the ACRM is justified as a Radical Social Movement in challenging the status quo during the racial discrimination and segregation period in the US (Toch 21). However, this Movement can also be categorized under Peaceful Movements due to its adoption of non-violent protest mass in its long search for racial equality and justice for the African-Americans.

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