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7 with the body fat at 41. 2% hence the lady suffers from obesity. Therefore, the main goals of the client in the entire exercise is to achieve the weight loss, cardiovascular conditioning and also to achieve a lesser degree of hypertrophy. The lady is dedicated to the program and intends to work to its fullest. Postural Assessment The anterior view of the Static postural assessment comprises of Foot/Ankle that are externally rotated while knees are adducted with the internal rotation and incorporate Head in the standard posture, shoulder, and LPHC. The client also has over-reactive muscles with the lateral gastrocnemius together with the bicep femoris. In the single leg squat, it incorporates the SLA in order to ascertain the last imbalance witnessed in the OSA during the assessment of the core strength, balance as well as the entire control of neuromuscular.

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In the anterior view, the client has the potential of carrying out three repetitions in the left leg, and on the right leg, the client is capable of performing five repetitions and therefore depicting a weaker left leg. In the push assessment, the client indicates hip flexor, core instability, and low back. The checkpoint confirms low back arch with over-reactive muscles (Brown & Greenwood, 2005). The cardio will include the Zone 1 @65% HR Max (122 bmp), and this will last for 15 minutes for the first week of the exercise and a progressive increase by 5 minutes every week for a period of 3 weeks. Ideally, the goal of the client at this stage is to gain the required strength to be able to perform 30 minutes of the treadmill at Zone 1 @ 65% HR max within the first Phase.

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Stage 2: Core Training Here, the client will perform the supine floor bridge for two sets each twelve repetitions with a 3o seconds rest after the first twelve repetitions. This exercise is expected to take place three times weekly and for the four weeks of this stage. Stage 3: Balance training This training incorporates the single leg balance which involves the external rotation of the hip repeated eight times in two sets. Phase 2: Strength Endurance OPT Training Protocol This stage incorporates the transition to the hybrid of strength training to ensure there is stabilization. It intends to boost the required strength in stabilizing the limbo-pelvis-hip complex spine which is instrumental for the heavyweights. The phase boosts the composition of the body whereby it lowers the BMI, the entire body fats to have it in line with what the client expect in the long run.

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Stage1: Cardio-respiratory training Protocol; a five minutes warm up on a treadmill at 50% HR mx (94 bpm). Equally, it involves the zone two at 76% HR max (143 bpm) that lasts for a minute. Stage 5: Reactive training protocol: involve the tuck jump and jump lunges with the intention of improving the coordination of the fat loss to meet the goal of the client. The last stage here is stage six which is to ensure the progression on the client and to ensure the client gain the endurance during the whole process. Phase Three: Hypertrophy OPT Training Protocol This stage is aimed at the introduction of a training method to increase the mass of the muscle, increase the connectivity tissue as well as an increase in the metabolism through building and strengthening of the muscle.

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