The Art Of Literature And Human Life

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As a term, literature mainly indicates all writing and books. In a much wider sense, literature is any written work. It can be classified as either its non-fiction or fiction and whether its prose or poetry. It's disguised in major forms as either short drama or story, novel and its works are mostly categorized as periods of history or on basis of certain genres. Certain perfect examples include the works of William Shakespeare; his works are not only amusing for the sake of literature but also affords a great understanding of human nature. Literature normally teaches us on how to live. It makes the reader meet people, visit places, have an experience of various events, listen to people and ideas, have a feel of their sufferings or joys.

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It actually takes a number of years to acquire a simple amount of wisdom that one literature book instills in the mind of its reader (Russ and Joanna page 65). Literature in simple terms mirrors the mannerisms of a given society. Today some people tend to think that literature isn't much important in their daily lives. By doing this we are able to write poems, playwrights, as a way of expanding our writing skills (Russ and Joanna page 83) The greatly developed sense of genre is one of the striking aspects of literature. In fact, genre literally works still remains a vital factor in the today world. We disguised the wide categories of prose, poetry and also drama although there are sub-genres like romantic, crime or historical fiction.

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This same thing is also applied in creative Media like film, horrors, thrillers, westerns and many others. Classical writers were strictly aware that genre fiction writers of today on what conventions and forms made into application in the genre they were writing. The poem suggests that nature has dominantly played a very significant role in human life. In the poem ‘There Was a Boy’ and the ‘Composed upon Westminster Bridge’; both the poem the author has illustrated his homage for nature in an imaginative and innovative way (Schultz, 77). The love nature makes the author to the love of man which is evident in his various poems. He expresses his feeling about the presence of celestial spirit about all subjects of nature such as the setting of the sun, the blue sky, the living air and the round ocean.

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William’s style of writing probably makes his work exceptionally vibrant in both his imaginings and human own imagination (Wong, 75). Since the initial works in this are by demographers, mortality has been an explanatory factor of fertility rates transition. Demographic literature has focused traditionally on certain mechanisms to explain the link. Replacement and physiological impacts have similarity in relation to the increased pregnancy likelihood following the child died. Changes in mortality have a great effect on the reduction in fertility and it can account for the change in fertility characterizing transition in demography. The impact is diverse specifications include, estimation of GMM endogeneity account. In fact, life is normally a subject matter in literature. Life normally provides a material raw on how artistic form is imposed by literature.

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