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How does Soufan's memory differ from Rodriquez's version? The EIT was not a success. The continuous association of Mohammed Khalid as the mastermind of the September 11 is not true. From the memos he circulated citing the arrest of Jose Pallida to have occurred in 2003 is wrong because he was arrested in 2003. What happened to the tapes? Why? The tapes contained information the CIA did not want to leak. According to Soufan (443), one of the tapes contained the image of a man who had more confidence than the others. They opted for this option in sacrifice for torture. The greatest success in fighting terrorism was through understanding the reason and how they recruited the militia, how they brainwashed the recruits and how they operated (Soufan 177).

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According to the author, there were guidelines for interrogation that were to be used by US interrogation officials that include all lawful methods of questioning (Soufan 525). Other proposals were deprivation of sleep, reduced calorie intake as well as use of diapers for a time not exceeding 72 hours. What about L'Houssaine Kherchtou? How was his treatment effective in the fight against terror? According to Soufan (17), L'Houssaine Kherchtou has been an al-Qaida recruit since 1994. The subject was supposed to stay in this non changing position making his entire body weight be supported by his fingers (Soufan 526). What is EIT? What is the author’s assessment of this policy? EIT refers to an Enhanced Interrogation Techniques manual that were authorized during the administration of W.

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Bush. The manual contained procedures for extortion of information from terrorists. According to Soufan (164) the manual made terrorists prepare for the worst but unfortunately the technique failed to work. He had made officiated the union of al-Qaeda to two Moroccan women whom Nashiri had send to Morocco. Being a close friend of Bin laden, al-Maghrebi agreed to head the 1998 Eastern Africa Bombings. Who are the Black Banners, according to the author? These are propagated hadiths by the Muslim faithful about an army that will come from the East, led by mighty soldiers. This hadith according to the author has no foundation and is misleading for anyone who cares about their religion. Using only the Soufan book, explain in full detail the attacks on the U.

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In the US 9/11 bombing, according to Soufan, four passenger planes operated by the American airlines and the United Airlines where hijacked by a group of 19 terrorists while on board to California (Soufan 610). The United Airlines flight was crushed at the south towers while the American airlines flight was crushed on the north towers of Manhattan and world trade center. The third plane was crushed the headquarters of the department of defense on pentagon house. The forth plane was directed towards Washington DC but crushed in an open field in Stony creek near Shanks Ville (Soufan 616). What is the author’s claims about the CIA? Provide three specific example. Terrorism as explained by Soufan is perpetrated by a few people with malicious intentions.

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