The concept of freedom in gombrowicz's work

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Some of the famous writers include Shakespeare who writes various books such as A Midsummer Night Dream among others. Apart from Shakespeare, we have Chinua Achebe from Nigeria who wrote Things Fall Apart among other books which are still famous even today in both Africa and the whole world at large. In this context, many new writers use the legends of writing as the role model and nowadays the field of literature is growing very fast. However, many writers have been facing challenges as a result of cooks in the industry of publishing books. Therefore, this paper seeks to discuss the concept of freedom in Gombrowicz's Work. He wrote various publications such as Ferdydurke and Bakakay. For instance, in 2004, three of his major books were available in idiomatic English after translation from polish in his work he tends to focus on unusualness rather than his importance.

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Therefore, Gombrowicz is a writer who his work garnered much attention in the 20th centuries although but most people ignored him. In this context, his work was in polish whereby many people do not support it according to their culture. Witold Gombrowicz as Poland writer who was in exile in the post-war period tries to come with the clear picture of the concept of freedom in his books (Bingham, Andrew, 2017). In the beginning, he studied law and philosophy and economics at the University of Warsaw and Paris. He published humorous stories that had low literature. Additionally, the collection of humorous stories were entirely not understood by contemporary critics. Further, in four years, he published the first novel entitled Ferdydurke. The first book dealt with themes that he explored in later writing.

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In this context, one of the issues that put him into the mockery of many people is problems of immaturity and youth. Therefore, this theme talked about how specific student mistreated by the professor Bingham, Andrew r at the age of thirty years after going back to school. Gombrowicz finds the native country Poland frustrating as a result of inferiority complex, where he decided to remind the world how the culture of his native country is excellent than that of the western states (Wojtas & Paweł, 51). Therefore, behaved in a manner that Poland is the center of civilization. Furthermore, Gombrowicz attitude towards Poland culture was firm to the extent of comparing it to a person who doesn't believe in death. Further, some of the translators said the word means buttock; therefore many of those translated the book ignored the word.

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For instance, in 2004, only three of his major books were available in idiomatic English after translation from polish. Furthermore, in works of Witold Gombrowicz’s conceive that there is lack of freedom since he used to praise the culture of his own native country while he was in the exile. In this context, he was in Argentina whereby the language is different from that Poland, and cultural values are different. However, Gombrowicz's affiliated to his native culture in such a way that nobody can convince him that there is any better culture than that of Poland. However, he distanced from being patriotic to his country since he flew the native country as a result of the war. Moreover, in the time of another fight for freedom, he decided to stay in a foreign country instead of submitting himself as a freedom fighter.

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Surprisingly, this guy lived his way of life, and he did not have any ideological affiliation hence becoming having a peaceful time to coop with any situation. Further, Gombrowicz shows freedom in his work mainly in Ferdydurke book when he argues that immaturity is not innate nor other people cannot impose it. Therefore, there is relatively immaturity that culture inters any individual against doing certain things that occur, Bingham, Andrew Bingham, Andrew especially when it comes to issues of submerging and in this situation we cannot manage to hoist into its level. In another, context, he remained to be a writer of decision who did not follow any influence from the fans. For instance, many foreigners expected him to change his cultural way of life, but he fought anyone who was against the native culture and referred to it as the best.

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