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Love can make one not be himself or herself, it makes people mad, not thinking clearly. Love can make a wise person act like a fool and a fool, act like a wise person. In the play ‘Midsummer night’s dream’ by William Shakespeare. Shakespeare tries to show us how love can turn the life of people in entirety. Love knows no laws and can easily breed evil due to the irrationality it impacts on people who are in love (Leary etal. The action of king administering love portion to his queen pokes a hole to their love life. This means that they will not have a smooth sailing after then. In another demonstration of love and jealousy, is seen in the two young men and the two young women.

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The young men, Lysinder and Demetrius, and the young women, Hermia and Helena, are caught up in a complicated twist of love. The two young men were in love with Hermia, leaving Helena feeling unloved and she doesn’t get the much attention as Hermia does. This means that Demetrius is in love with the person when does not love him. Hermia’s dad, Egeus, wants her daughter to marry Demetrius. Demetrius family had more money than that of Lysinder, which was the apparent reason for the father wanting her daughter to be married by Demetrius. The father’s ideas did not ogre well with Hermia, they were forced to elope into the woods. Since Helena new there whereabouts, she informed Demetrius, hoping that the information will make Demetrius give up on Hermia.

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al 687). In the same fate, one is likely to overlook laws and authorities, and do only what love dictates him or her to do. William Shakespeare in his play tries to demonstrate to us how one can be unruly when he or she falls in love. According to the Athenian laws, the father has the powers to choose the person her daughter would marry. Egeus, Hermia’s father wanted her to marry Demetrius since Demetrius family was wealthier compared to the Lysinder’s family. Thisbe also decided to commit suicide, making their love and disobedience have a tragic ending. The tragic ending due to the lovers killing themselves is also another show of how love can be dangerously irrational (Davies 143). Foolishness and Love In the play, Shakespeare shows us that love can turn us into mad people since it acts as an obstacle to our rational thinking course.

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It has the capacity to make us foolish and idiots. Love was the reason why the queen fell in love with a jackass. In the play, it is portrayed as the ultimate foolishness of Thisbe and Pyramus that lead to their untimely death. They had failed to recognize themselves as a separate individual and thought if one of them dies, is better they are also dead than being alive without each other. Since Hermia was deep in love with Lysinder, this love transformed her to disobey her father. It changed her identity. The further was furry to the extent of even wanting to kill her own daughter. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, 2018. make people act dangerously irrational. Love spell usually arrests the normal rational thinking of an individual.

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