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An in-depth analysis of the assemblage art on matters regarding its social, political, aesthetic, and historical points of view uncovers how the Heidelberg project has developed over the years, thereby promoting the African American heritage. Tyree Guyton, the Creator of the Heidelberg Project Guyton is the man who created the Heidelberg project, with the help of his grandfather and Karen who was the wife at the time. He took the opportunity to use the abandoned houses to decorate and do his assemblage artwork in them. However, at some point in time Tyree begun having trouble with the city authorities and because of this they came to Eats Detroit and swept away everything with bulldozers. Their reason for doing this was that the city corps claimed that the presence of the abandoned buildings was a safety hazard in that area (Guyton, 2007 p.

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The installation of the Heidelberg project simply passes the message that in as much the East Detroit was known for the bad reasons, there is still something that people can use to connect with this place and that is Tyree’s assemblage artwork. The beauty that the collection of art that is in the Heidelberg project represents an ideal assemblage of the type of the 1960s where Tyree used a lot of materials including toys and paintings to make this place look better than it had been perceived. It is important to understand the issues of drug abuse, poverty, and crime had been witnessed in this region quite significantly and the creation of the Heidelberg project was very ideal considering the idea that there are people who might still be loving this place but find it hard to pay it a visit.

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The political nature of assemblage art is mainly focused on relaying information about grievances aligned to politics. It has over time been used as a way of communication such that the materials used in developing art signify some kind of message that people are trying to pass across to their politicians. The development of this project was mainly dependent on the response by the people in the neighborhood. Some welcomed the idea whereas other people were skeptical about it because of the attention it brought to the neighborhood. Tyree made sure the project develops by slowly assembling materials year after year. In the beginning, it did not look like a place that could be transformed to the extent of catching people’s attention.

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However, with his persistence and hard work he was able to gather a lot of materials such that the entire place became decorated with assemblage art. This brought bitters among the dominant African American group who felt very much aggrieved by the deaths of their fellow people. It is at this point that their issue with poverty and crime began because not many were employed. Connecting this to Tyree’s perspective that this was the cause of responding by the Heidelberg project, it is important to understand that art assemblage was the only meaningful activity that would have kept this region meaningful rather than leaving it idle since most of the people had fled the neighborhood. Artistic expression can empower people to economic prosperity and this is why Tyree decided that was the better way to respond and offer a solution to his neighborhood.

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More than thirty years later and there are a lot of people benefiting from this project. All the two occasions of destruction were on grounds that Tyree’s work is a security and health hazard to the residents in the neighborhood. Repeated occurrences of fire outbreaks have made the city administration very cautious about the Heidelberg project because this is a threat to the community members living around this neighborhood. If there was to be another fire and it happens that the firefighters are not anywhere close to the scene then it could be catastrophic (Duque, 2014 p. The History of Fire Attacks Since the creation of the Heidelberg project, there have been twelve fires up to date. This is an alarming rate and that is why the city authorities are very watchful of this project as they suggest that it is dangerous.

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