The impact of robotics artificial intelligence on business and economics

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creation, design and operation of robots, artificial intelligence is a computer science branch that specializes in development of computer programs that have intelligence that is not as natural as humans and animals have. This research shall seek to find the impact that robotics and artificial intelligence have on business and economics, its scope and history of robotics artificial intelligence. Scope: The scope of the research is rather wide and shall include various ways in which robotics artificial intelligence is used. AI for example consists of machine learning that gives computers the ability to analyze data collected and use that data to perform predictions, for example making predictions on what ads to use for particular individuals based on previous data collected from them by computers (Aggarwal 2016).

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This is also applicable in video streaming websites like YouTube which collects user data to predict other videos a user might want to watch. AI robots are being used in the discovery and search for new drugs to diseases, as robots perform faster than humans (Anand M 2015). Thus, robots like Eve are used to create science, and not just do science, which may replace humans in the field of scientific discovery. Cyber security is a field that many businesses, especially banks take seriously as cases of hacking and cyber fraud involving credit cards are on the rise. AI can be used to analyze huge volumes of data in a faster manner than conventional methods, and determine which pose a threat to cyber security, and prevent the performance of cybercrime, using AI methods such as Recurrent Neural Networks (Nunes, Shakarian, Simari, & Ruef 2018).

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Facial recognition is also another applicable scope of AI, with new emerging technologies, such as IPhone X which uses 3D facial recognition to unlock the IPhone. Advertising that is personalized, by gaining knowledge on customers and their behavior gathered from computer programs and facial recognition can help generate increased revenue. History: The word robot came from the Czech word robota which literally means servitude and was first used by Karel Capek in the play Rossum’s Universal Robots, which illustrates that robots are used to do all menial jobs. The first use of robots probably dates back to early 1500 B. C. when Egyptians developed the water clock which used water’s force that would fall on it and people would strike a bell on an hourly basis (Mays 2010).

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Puma350 was however stopped as a safety precaution. Sojourner, a Mars rover robot was built as a Mars Pathfinder robot for the Mars mission of navigation and obtaining and recording data (Lakdawalla 2018). In 2011, Packbots, were used to search through debris for survivors after the September 11 attack in USA (Michael, et al. Roomba, built by IRobot is used to move around houses and vacuum floors (Foran & Nocks 2015). In transportation, drones are used to efficiently move goods around. Robotics : from Leonardo da Vinci to Isaac Asimov by Jessie Alkire. Minneapolis, Minnesota: Checkerboard Library, an imprint of Abdo Publishing. Anand M, C. S. Role of Robot Scientists and Artificial Intelligence in Drug discovery. , & Nocks, L. Robotics : from automatons to the Roomba. Minneapolis, Minnesota: Essential Library, an imprint of Abdo Publishing.

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