The Impact of the State Schools Finance Policy on the Performance of Students in Texas

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This is attributed majorly to litigious political issues within the state. The effectiveness of the school funding policy remains unclear in the verge of increased concerns over reformation of the education system to take care of students with disabilities. There are some clear indications that the state schools finance policy in Texas affects the performance of students. Role of Funding in Students’ Performance Nguyen (2016) observed that availability of funds in schools is quite useful in the development of facilities such as laboratories, classrooms, and dormitories. These facilities are very important to students learning processes. The availability of computers and books facilitates this process. Other facilities such as proper beddings and chairs are important to students in their learning processes (Nguyen, 2016). All these resources are availed through government spending on schools.

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Therefore, there is a link between students’ performance and school funding. School funding programme has been useful in hiring and maintaining teachers and coaches in Texas public schools. As a result children will be able to comprehend better and reflect the same understanding through their learning outcomes. The availability of food to the needy school children is also important for improving their emotional well-being. A hungry would hardly concentrate in class since they would be worried about whether and when they would get a meal. The program is meant for boarding schools, juvenile correctional institutions, residential childcare centres, public and all non-profit schools (Managing Agency Texas, 2018). The program focuses majorly on students from families with a lower income. This trend does not correspond equally with the students’ performance.

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However, the researcher acknowledges that students have more opportunities now than before and would be in a better position to pursue their education. Layton (2014) also noted that the US government spends about $15 billion every year to educate teachers in master’s programs. However, the increasing levels of education have not contributed much on students’ school outcomes. Research indicates that schools with high expenditure have been registering great results but there is no much difference from those spending less (Layton, 2014). Precisely, the research found out that the design and other conditions of classrooms, dormitories, and libraries was quite important in instilling and maintaining discipline in students. McGowen (2007) recommends that there is need for designers and constructors to give more attention to specialised learning spaces as well as other academic places such as libraries than the administrative buildings and facilities.

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However, all facilities including academic and administrative should be maintained to reasonable standards to avoid administrative issues that may affect the performance of teachers and educational administrators thus affecting the performance of the students. Funding schools is important in maintaining teachers and coaches satisfaction. Satisfied teachers and coaches are crucial in the learning process. In order to acquire such facilities schools need sufficient funding. Apart from the technologies, planning and implementation can only be facilitated through proper funding of the whole exercises. Schools have to carry out reviews and other related exercises to establish the performance of teachers. More importantly, schools need funds to implement any recommendations given by the taskforce. The incorporation of new technologies in the learning processes is one of the ways to improve the performance of students.

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It is clear that funding plays an important role in the performance of students and therefore, the relevant authorities should ensure that there are enough funds for schools. References Boser, U. (2014, July 9).  Return on Educational Investment: 2014 - Center for American Progress. Retrieved from Center for American Progress website: https://www.  Journal of Education Policy, 27, 1-8. Retrieved from https://eric. ed. gov/?q=State+School+Finance+System+Variance+Impacts+on+Student+Achievement%3a+Inadequacies+in+School+Funding&id=EJ1158691 Layton, L. (2009, July 9). org/education/report/does-spending-more-education-improve-academic-achievement Managing Agency Texas.  Texas school breakfast and lunch program | Benefits. gov. Retrieved from Managing Agency Texas website: https://www. benefits. library. tamu. edu/bitstream/handle/1969. 1/ETD-TAMU-2054/MCGOWEN-DISSERTATION. pdf?sequence=1 Nguyen, A. inonu. edu. tr/article/download/5000195696/5000179663.

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