The influence of training nurses in improving disaster management

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to access the information that was used in the literature review keywords were used in the search which does include the following: personal and service improvement in nursing, disaster management, nursing improvement literature review This literature review mainly focuses on the individual and service development in the nursing categories to be in a position to be prepared in any event of occurrence of the disaster. Enhancement and the promotion of the counting profession Personal improvement in the nursing field in many cases come with the support of the governing system. The rules that do permit the nurses to be in a position to enhance the education to be carried. The continuity in the advancing of the nurses regarding the education often than not shall lead to an increase in the performance of the nurses in the hospitals among other improvements.

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Many are the articles that have been crafted in the concern of this topic. It's worth noting among the group the undergraduate student happens to possess higher know-how in comparison to the diploma student. The finding was supported by the study which he happens to use the focused group method of collection of the data. From the survey that he conducted he advocate that for the nurses who are willing to go and enhance their education should be given a chance so that they may be in the position to even offer better services. He concludes if in any standard the worst thing that can be done to a nurse is to create a barrier that does not allow her to be in a position to increase his or her studies From all the reviews then it can be acknowledged that the nurses should be given the space to go search for the education.

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In conclusion from the analyses of the data collected and the data that was collected and stored in the database for the improvement of the services and also personal development it means that for the hospital that usually restricts their nurses by constraining them from the continuation of the studies then the laws in those hospitals should be revisited so as to create room for them to be in a position to advance their studies for the improvement of the services that they do offer. Due to this insufficient funds assigned the institution are forced to semi divide the funds so that they can fit all the need of the schools. In development parts due to the increased number of people who are seeking to enhance their education the nursing fields then the government should take the responsibility of increasing of the number of the nursing school to reduce the congestion in the nursing school With all of the improvement done which do include even the increase in the number of the school offering the nursing course and also the allocation of the appropriate infrastructure then there shall be the improvement in the nursing sectors.

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