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Luke was born in Antioch where the apostle was first called Christian, and he converted to Christian. He was educated in Classical Greek and developed the writing talent of the Gospel book and the acts of Apostles. St. Luke is first mentioned in the St. Paul's Letter. He is described as a coworker (Acts 13:1) and a beloved physician meaning he was a professional individual with exceptional skills like Paul. Apart from the professional skills that earned him the livelihood as any other human being, he mainly served as intenerate Christian worker where he primarily focused on advancing a Christian mission. In the new testaments, St. Luke work is the third gospel book. He identifies himself as the eyewitness of the Christ ministries. From his writing styles and phenomenon descriptions, he is described as the more of a Gentile. After the imprisonment of St. Paul by Caesarean, St. Luke went to Fillipi where he collected most of his material for the future volume works. He is believed to have died in Bithynia, Greece. The Galilean ministry of Jesus starts immediately after the baptism. The Holy Spirit directed him into the Judean desert where he played and the tempted by Satan. After successful winning over Satan, Jesus went preaching in the Galilee where he recruited the first disciples. They were all dispersed from Jerusalem to various regions forming the foundation of the early church. The Galilean ministry end after the death of John the Baptist and Jesus is set to move to Jerusalem where John had prepared the way for the Messiah.

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The overall key to the themes in the book emphasizes the importance of God's word as the principal objective of Jesus coming into the world. Christ is the physical presence of the God to Christians. Most of Jesus ministry was to spread the word of God to the entire world, and those who hear and obey according to it instructions will be blessed (Luke 11:28). There is a blessing for those who believed in the teachings of Christ. Luke Gospel states that "Blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her from the Lord”(Luke 1:45). In most cases, Christian with much of possession lack time to examine their hearts and their relationship with God. The pride and indifference when treating the poor constantly diminish their chances of them being accepted to Jesus redemption high chances of missing the eternity.

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Other bargains that their wealth in the earth is the presentation of the wealth when they go to heaven. The parable of the Rich Fool in the (Luke 12:13-21) is the exemplary Christian example of how wealth can disrupt human from concentrating on God while believing in their material prosperity. The Theophilic belief revealed by St. Zacchaeus, the tax collector, attested that the primary mission of "The Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost" (Luke 19:10) Most of the Luke stories references Gentiles as marginalized and are the main beneficially of the Christ salvation. Luke 2:32 describes Jesus as "a light for revelation to the Gentiles and glory to your people Israel. Other instances in Luke 4 are a mentioning of the blessing of Gentiles like the Gentile soldier and Gentile widow in Luke 7.

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Theological reflection on how St. Luke's contribution to Scripture influences the understanding of a significant aspect of Jesus' ministry and of faithful Christian living The Gospel of Luke wholly emphasizes Jesus is the King of the world. The adoption of the term King has made the name to become the primary religious title when authoritatively referring to Jesus. St. Luke states that God is the real founder of the Gods Kingdom on Earth. Like 8:32, even Satan in his test acknowledges that indeed is the founder of the Gods Kingdom into the world and his power are unchallengeable. Jesus in his ministries in the world is concerned with the weak, sick, despised, sick and those who will be graced into his redemption. The Jesus ministries using the parables, Miracles and observing Old Testament teachings is a fulfillment of the strategic mission to give a chance to the outsiders.

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Christian should follow the St. Luke teachings in their contemporary lives to shun the evil ways and live according to Jesus Teachings. The earthly wealth, the inclusion and reversal and the first observing of the word of God have entirely offered guidelines that Christians should abide by when daily interacting. If Christians are to observe the teachings and practice them even when treating the outsiders, they are guaranteed of the eternity.

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