The Themes of Gender Differences and Isolation in Trifles

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John Wright is strangled to death by the use of a rope in his farmhouse. The principal suspect in this crime is his wife, Mrs. Minnie Wright. The county attorney, Peter the sheriff and Mr. Hale a neighboring farmer launch an investigation in Wright house for clues. Peters and Mrs. Hale concludes that Mrs. Wright pet neck was snapped by John, his husband. Minnie decided to repay this behavior by doing precisely what the pet bird is done. The play came to a climax when the two women decided to hide the killed bird from the male authorities. Lack of respect is also illustrated by the way they are making fun of the broken jars of fruit without considering the extent to which she labored while making them.

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Furthermore, Sheriff Henry Peters, Lewis Gale, and attorney George dismiss things they perceive to be of women type. For, example, they decide not to conduct any research in the kitchen just because they don’t see how relevant a kitchen could be to their research. This is the primary reason why they could never manage solving the murder case. It interesting to note that when Mrs. She used to be among the town girls who usually sang in the choir. This is clear evidence that Minnie used to be a lively and happy girl. After marriage, Mr. Wright killed her free spirit besides taking away the cheerful and vibrant life she used to live. It can be concluded that Mrs. Wright.

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Secondly is due to the quiet environment around the farmhouse. Women were never allowed to move from the house but remain indoors attending to the household chores. This created miserable and loneliness life in them. There were no children in the compound hence ended up treating the bird as her child. Minnie when the husband was around. Therefore, Mr. Wright can be a representation of the cruel nature of men to their wives whom they never allow freedom but instead treat them as housewives. The breaking of the birdcage can provide a symbolism to the civilization of our societies. For instance, women are allowed to work and own property. However, in the current society women can work in such fields and this what is termed as breaking the cage in the play.

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Men have also been considered to be always right and should not be questioned. For instance, Mr. Wright never allowed her wife out of the farmhouse compound because she would reveal how cruel he was to her. This is no different to the society where women were expected to be submissive to men and follow their orders without question. It due to this she decides to let herself out of such inhuman life by killing her husband. The other women help her fight for her freedom by hiding the evidence in respect for the many years she has suffered at the hands of the uncaring husband. Work Cited Glaspell, Susan. Trifles: A Play in One Act. Los Angeles, CA: Baker's Plays, 2012.

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