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Alongside offering a multi-stage musical festival for the fans, the festival also partners with the Rock the Ocean Foundation to bring about awareness for marine conservation. The money collected from ticket sales is given back to the community in matters such as supporting scientific research, education on conservation initiatives. The current festival that is already ongoing has already seen over $1,000,000 given back to the Conservation Village partners. Conservation village are areas that offer certain information about specific subjects that hold interactive topics, exhibitions games, and displays. These money has been raised from ticket sales and donations to the festival with people who sympathize with the cause. There are other tents in regards to entertainment and the main tent that holds the musicians for the period of three days. The conservation village is placed at a place that is distant from the main entertainment activities to ensure that each of the five tents that are in the village gets adequate serenity to engage with the visitors who come to get more information on the conservation groups (Schneider, 2018).

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The designing of the conservation village took into consideration that the conservation tents needed adequate space in terms of people moving around and the tents being able to host various games and displays. There are other entertainment tents that are all over the beach in places that people can easily access. Examples of such tents include the Malibu Rum Beach House which offers games, cocktails and there are prizes to be won. This is the main reason why mobile phone specifications are announced months before the actual phone is released. The Tortuga festival had various advertisement strategies way before the initial event started. First of all the Tortuga Festival, 2018 took advantage of social media platforms to promote the event. With the availability of social media platforms, the advertisement of the event was very simple.

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For the preceding years the creation of a Facebook and Instagram page has facilitated the passing of information over various geographical boundaries and by so doing reaches a huge number of people. Twitter allowed various people to confirm their attendance and to share the information about previous festival experiences. It also enabled the artists to be able to reach many of their followers who would be interested in attending the event by only posting a few tweets. Another social media platform is YouTube. The social application enabled the organizers to create awareness of the festival over time. They had videos on previous festivals showing how fun the festivals can be. Other sponsors supported the financing of the event because they believed in the cause of conserving the marine life. The sponsors that facilitated the event all had interests in the event or the advertising factor which makes sense in their support of the event.

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Conclusion The Tortuga event, following the hype that surrounds it is an event that is expected to be extraordinary. The event in that it aims to raise money that will help conserve marine life is even more appealing. From the current statement in that, they have already raised $1,000,000 from ticket sales with the event t having not been completed is a sign that the festival will bypass its target. As it is if a person misses the festival one time they will have to wait until the next year. On the issue of geographic location, the festival could be held in more than one location simultaneously with the artists being lined up in locations differently. However, they can be shuffled in the locations with each new day of the event. An opportunity for the festival is in the numbers that attend the festival.

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As it is the festival already receives thousands of people. L.  Marine Conservation Paleobiology. Springer. Tortuga Music Festival - April 6-8, Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Tortuga Music Festival.

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