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In spite of being treated as ‘second-class citizens,' they still volunteered and served the Nation. In 1938, when Europe was in the blink of another great war; the then President of the US Franklin Roosevelt said that he was planning to enlarge the civilian pilot training program in the country. During this period there was significant racial segregation in the U. S armed forces. Most military institutions believed that black soldiers were inferior to whites and their performance on the battlefield was relatively weak. They started flying p-51 Mustangs to escort 15th Air Force Heavy Bombers deep in the territory of the enemy. Their tails were painted red for identification purposes. The Red Tails flew 15000 individual Sorties over two years in battle and had damaged 36 German plains in the air and 237 plains on the ground and almost 1000 transport vehicles and rail cars and a German destroyer.

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They had a better success rate than the rest of the escort groups of the 15th air force. When they went back home after the war there was no hero's welcome; nothing had changed in their nation. It took a year barely for U. S. scientists to discover the cause of the condition after it was identified; it is caused by Human Immune Virus. The AIDS epidemic started in the U. S. The number of AIDS case continued to increase as scientist and CDC continued to perfect their case definition (Broder, p. By 1995, the condition was the leading cause of death for grownups between the ages of 25-44. At least 50000 people in the United States died of AIDS-connected cases. African Americans made up 49% of these deaths.

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By 1996, multidrug therapy had become widely known and available reducing the rate of death — for instance, the number of death decreased from 38780 in 1996 to 14499 in 2000. 25 people had received treatment, and another 1. 2 million were starting treatment. In 2010 president Obama lifted the travel ban on immigrants and visitors with HIV; this ban had been put in place in 1987 as a preventive measurement (Curran, p. Throughout this epidemic years, the government has continued supporting the fight against HIV and AIDS through continuous funding related to methods of care, counseling. Treatment, testing services, and studies and research. The policemen dragged him out of the vehicle and brutally beat him at the time George Holiday, an unprofessional cameraman, videotaped the whole incidence. All four involved officers were prosecuted on charges of use of excessive force and assault with a deadly weapon by the police officers.

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After a three months trial, an all-white jury cleared the officers which sparked the 1992 Los Angeles riots where more than 50 people were killed, and 2000 were injured, and 95000 were arrested for arson, rioting and rooting, resulting in $1 billion property damage (Sigelman, p. Born in 2nd April 1965 in Sacramento California, Rodney King was a black American who became a sign of racial tension in the United States, after he was caught on camera being brutally beaten by the LAPD officers. On the third day of the riots, the King made an appearance whereby he appealed for all Americans to get along. He continues living a troubled life, having brushes with the law and struggling with alcoholism. King at the time of his death had forgiven the officers who beat him.

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