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The tern haptics is derived from a Greek word (haptikos) which stands for the words concerning to the perception of touch hence the word haptic in the term ultra-haptic. Ultra-haptic technology is used to project a sort of tactile sensation on the user’s bare hand by the use of ultrasound waves from the device or computing gadget. This technology is a step in the right directions in the technological world as it easily enables the users of this technology to fabricate a virtual reality in the mid-air which the users can be able to feel without the need for the haptic gloves or the hand-held game controllers or like they are commonly known joysticks (Carter, Long, Subramanian, Blenkinsopp, Seah, and Frier).

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It can be noted that this ultra-haptic technology greatly and without a doubt amplifies gestures controlling systems in the user interfaces. By the use of this technology, one can be able to fabricate invisible buttons that appear when you need them, and it also intensifies virtual interfaces with the help of haptic feedback (Subramanian, Seah, Shinoda, Hoggan, and Corenthy, 2016, pp. Hence this technology handles that effectively where it ensures personal responses by the vehicle are only presented to the driver himself or herself e. g. the vibrating of the driver’s seat like in the advanced driver assistant systems. 3 OVERVIEW OF ULTRA-HAPTICS TECHNOLOGY The working of the ultra-haptic are quite simple and easily understood. This technology uses soundwave emitting sensors of a sixty-four-high tech grid system, this system fabricates an additional dimension of about one and a half to two inches from the ultra-haptics enabled touchscreen that the hands of the users can be capable of feeling (Carter, Seah, Long, Drinkwater.

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For example, when a user takes a baseball the shape, size and even the angles of the ball are sent to the brain through the receptors. Similarly, the same concept is applied to the ultra-haptics devices whereby the force of feedback is a received by the user from the system. Hence the ultra-haptic devices would allow the user to feel the virtual object by the use of force feedback (Otaduy, Okamura and Subramanian, 2016 p. The construction of the ultra-haptic devices is a very complex technology since its one of the emerging technology and its unpopularity makes it even more complicated. There are three main components for the construction of ultra-haptics systems. The driver will be able to change the settings of temperate and even music system in mid-air.

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The working of the technology in the vehicles will be rather system and comfy. The ultra-haptics system will be sending soundwaves in mid-air, hence the users operating this system will be feeling a slight vibration when operating the system. Beyond operating basic dashboard setting the technology will also be implemented in changing of tracks and even using satellite navigations. The motorsport industry giant known as Bosch are some of companies integrating this ultra-haptics technology in their products and so far, they are getting an edge in the today’s competitive motorsport world. It is also used in parking of the vehicle. This increases safety of both the driver and the vehicle as well as maintain comfort of the driver in tight areas.

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Apart from that this technology can be implemented all around the vehicle in that it senses the surrounding environment of the vehicle. This nowadays can be crucial technology in sensing incoming vehicles hence if the passenger would be trying to open the door the door will remain closed hence avoiding a catastrophic disaster for example when a child is in a hurry to open the door and he or she is not aware of an incoming vehicle or motorist then ultra-haptics technology will easily handle that. In addition to that this technology can be used together with the holograms in vehicles to bring another stylistic comfort to the driver, even though this hypothesis is still in the testing phase if well implemented can be a game changer in the motorsport industry.

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