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This amendment in the tactics employed by patriots had its share of significance, especially in Lexington and Concord. The French, on the other hand, had the Napoleonic war tactics where there was strong drilling by the troops among many other tactics discussed in the course of this paper. India too had its own tailored war tactics which have remained epic throughout the long stretch of history. This paper analyzes the change and variations in the tactics and the strategies of war utilized by the American revolution as it differed from the French and the Indian warfare to the reach of 1877. The Indian warfare The Native American-Indian was the main protagonist in the American – Indian warfare. These attacks took place at dawn where warriors wielded clubs and bows.

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After a successful kill, the warriors got rewarded for it. Other tactics employed by these native tribes were camouflage and ambushii. As such, they could attain a camouflage with their surroundings and allow the enemy to draw closer while the Indian troop attacked the unsuspecting enemy. Some of the camouflage techniques included the Indians dressing in animal skins. Some of these wars are; the French Colonial Empire, Middle Ages, Ancient Regime, Revolutionary France and the Napoleonic wars among other warfare brackets. Among those wars, many arose due to the differences in religion between France and other nations. iv The main focus of this paper on the French wars is the Napoleonic war which took place in the time brackets of 1803 to 1815 under the regime of Napoleon I.

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The rise of Napoleon The Napoleonic wars were successions of major battles between France and their supporters against an assortment of European powers that were gathered into innumerable coalitions that were led and sponsored by the United Kingdom. This series of wars were sired from the conflicts developed from the French disputes from their revolution. Napoleon invaded Iberia with the hope to cut off the supply of Britain’s trade. With allies from the Portuguese, the Spanish and the British fought back the French in six long years to salvage Iberia from the French in 1814. It was a time before this period when Russia enticed the French to wage war due to their reduced access to trade. As this was a continental system violation by Russians in 1812, war erupted forcing the French to fall back.

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This result led to Prussia, Russia and Austria waging war on France again and this time round defeated Napoleon at Leipzig in the year 1813 October. From all of Napoleon’s battles, he utilized his infantry more due to their high numbers and their abilities to use the flintlock musket which was the main weapon in this time period. Apart from the utilization of the infantry, Napoleon organized his army to use their artillery in a flexible manner with which men abandoned the previous tactic where they marched in lines. With the new tactic that involved advancing in column units, they gained the advantage of maximizing a unit’s degree of attackviii. Napoleon’s weaponry The French army at this time used guns and blades in the battlefield.

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They had a 69 pistol in place of their ancillary weapon, a sword as the primary weapon. The declaration of this act had escalated the American desire to become a free nation. They thus conducted protests which were aimed at putting an end to the British colonialism. As such, groundbreaking protests such as The Boston Massacre of 1770xiii, Boston Tea party and Burning of the Gaspee which took place in Rhodes Islands in 1773 were among the remonstrations the American Colonial Society undertook to burn down tea estates which were taxed by the British government. The loyalists and the Patriots The British never took these actions lightly. They retaliated by first, terminating the Boston Harbor before conducting some legislative acts that effectively annulled the right to self-government of Massachusetts’s Bay Colonyxiv.

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The American patriots also employed the guerrilla strategies in the revolution. Specifically, in the Concord and Lexington battles on April 19th, 1775xviii, the guerrilla strategies made a recommendable impact in the struggle for independence. It has been a mythical point that the Americans gained their independence through a pure series of guerilla warfare, proves this myth as incorrect. He rectifies by asserting that the guerrilla warfare strategies were only incorporated at the very beginning of the revolution in Concord and Lexington with the rest of the war being fought in a conventional manner. The British surrender and the treaties of peace The French army came in aid of the American patriots in 1778 whereby the former civil war became an international disagreement.

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