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However, today social media has been abused in the same measure it has been used to enhance lives. This paper looks at the use of social media, particularly the good, negative effects and the prevention measures that can be initiated to mitigate the negative influence. Facebook, myspace, Instagram, and Twitter, among many other hundreds of social media platforms have come as a light to the darkness that people were facing. During the days when communication especially, a social form of interaction was a problem, many never imagined that there would ever come a time like today. Societies have been linked up and brought as closer as possible courtesy of these platforms. Everyone is appreciating the fact that social media has become a necessary evil that we cannot afford to avoid lest we slip back into those dark days (Duggan 19).

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Apart from just having providing a way in which one can type a message and sent it or upload a video, there are also emojis that have been introduced. The emojis help someone to express their feeling of their moods and have the recipient understand them better than they would have done if only texts were used instead. This brings in the feeling of having the easiest and less laborious types of conversations simply because someone may not be in a position to out rightly express what they feel for another, circumstance or about an event. This therefore gives more freedom to express oneself and deliver the message in the most appropriate way. Privacy of individuals using the social media has also been compromised greatly.

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This is because they encourage people to disclose their details to the public. Such details could be used to harm these people. For instance, a lady may upload a picture of her and her friends partying at a club with her friends in acting and doing some undesirable things. This picture may be viewed by her prospective employers who may not be impressed with her picture and as a result may end up denying her a job opportunity (Valkenburg 680). In conclusion, social media has come as a blessing as well as a curse to the today’s generation. Since it is a necessary evil such that one cannot stay away from it, it is good to use it wisely. There are many positive sides of using social media just as there also exist many disadvantages (Wisniewski et al.

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