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It further enhances networking with politicians making Wal-Mart to achieve its vision and some of its goals courtesy of a favourable political climate. It is thus able to successfully spread its tentacles. According to Rich (2014), Wal-Mart has employed over 1. 2 million employees in its more than 4000 stores worldwide. The powerful and aggressive growth strategy has been an invaluable tool in enabling it to venture into international markets. Wal-Mart enhances its competition with other businesses and expands its customer base by coming up with branches (Laudon & Traver, 2013). The suppliers who consider Wal-Mart as their sole customer do not perform well financially, especially if they have a small share of the market. However, those with larger additional customers perform exemplarily well. The cash management is good because it does not harm suppliers neither does it impede their progress.

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