What did the government do to restore the economic disaster of hurricane katrina

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But the Hurricane was aftermath and destructive causing massive flooding that displaced thousands of Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco told CNN “we know that property will be damage, because about 70% of the New Orleans city is below sea level”. Hurricane Katrina is one of the most destructive storms for the last 100 years. The Hurricane began in Florida with as category 1 and by the time it reaches the Gulf Coast, the storm had run its course (Kate et. According to several research on the Hurricane, human actions play a critical role in determining the impact of the storm. The Hurricane experts have established two part that facilitates the control of hurricane destruction includes; the built environment and the quality of constructions affects the overall damage of the Hurricane.

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The most effects of Katrina were hospitals, nursing homes, and rental houses, which all depend on the actions of the construction business. The economic effects of Hurricane Katrina were felt along with the coastal states of Mississippi. Florida, Texas, and Louisiana. The hurricane Katrina cause a lot of loss to the natural gas and oil industry, with port-like Port Fourchon in Louisiana incur directly losses from the hurricane. Port Fourchon told CNN “the port has hit direct from Hurricane Katrina due to power outrage”. According to several reports, the production of oil in the United States lose about 420,000 barrels per day during the Hurricane Katrina disaster on August 29, 2005. Though most oil refineries, production, and ports were not destroyed and they resume operation after power was restored.

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Florida, Texas, and Louisiana are well known to have prominent gambling and recreation ground casinos. The Hurricane impacted the number of workers after the disaster and the number of firms operating in the city like New Orleans reduced. This was reflected with loss of jobs of around 700,000. The private companies reduce by 13,6% in the coastline states. The population migration to the far south and other to the Northern states let to fluctuations in the housing market. According to BBC reports “New Orleans counted about 215,000 housing units, which were a decline of 106, 000 housing unit after Hurricane Katrina”. Since 2005, the government has pumped over $120 billion for the reconstruction of New Orleans city. But before starting to rebuild the region, the government undertake a compressive congressional investigation to determine the cause of New Orleans floods and other major remedies to be undertaken before rebuilding the cities in the coastline (Green et.

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al, 311). Furthermore, the federal government through the department of labor announce two programs to facilitate the affected families to recover economically from the disaster; the first was that the disparagement created job concoction to the hurricane affect individuals. The resource was to ensure that individuals are supported back to employment, the site play critical in giving willing employers, employees who were affected by the hurricane. Work Cited Moynihan, Donald P. "The response to Hurricane Katrina. " International Risk Governance Council (2009): 1-11. Morse, Reilly.  Environmental justice through the eye of Hurricane Katrina. "Reconstruction of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina: a research perspective. " Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103. Kessler, Ronald C. , et al. "Mental illness and suicidality after Hurricane Katrina. , and Michael J.

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