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Secondly, is a community where belief system is shared and practiced amongst the followers of the religion. Also, myths are another element of religion; they are stories told frequently that explains the beliefs of a group. The stories may either be factual or not factual ( Berger 25). Rituals are another element where beliefs are taught, explained and made real through ceremonies. Additionally, ethics is another element which vividly gives rules on how to behave amongst the follower of the religion. It is done by immersion in water, pronouncement, and a blessing. The terms used when baptism is almost similar in all the denominations that is “I baptize you in the name of the Father, the son, and the Holy Spirit” (Spinks). Additionally, they practice confirmation which is considered a rite or a sacrament depends on the belief of the doers.

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It signifies a person’s commitment and faith and a desire to make it public. Moreover, the practice Communion which is a sacrament carried out by Christians as a remembrance of the blood of Jesus and his body during the last supper. By so saying they help me to live according to the standards of Christianity. Also by being guided by the element being able to understand the different religions we have and the purpose to respect their way of doing things. Some of the aspects which are conflicting with my religion as a Christian with other religions are ethics, ritual, and myths. On rituals giving an example of Muslims, they are taught using the Koran which beliefs in the existence of Mohammed while in Christianity they are taught using the Bible which majors on Jesus.

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