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This kind of stores setting already sent a certain message to the young ones about gender stereotyping. Customized messages on the store aisles such as, dolls and princess for the girl’s toys and vehicles and superheroes for the boy’s send high stereotyping on differing interests of the girl child and the boy child. Does this kind of marketing by companies impose stereotyping on our children? This kind of marketing has seen great criticism from different quartos’ who are calling for neutral gender toy choices. One of the objectors to such kind of gender based toys is tony Abbott who was once a prime minister he responded by saying “let boys be boys and girls be girls”. Research has tried to show the existence of evidence on preference between girls and boys on their interest citing that new born boys have shown interest in mobiles while girls have shown interest in faces.

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They promote the masculine gender as one with autonomy, dominant and power as compared to that of feminine which is presented as of dependence, subservience and passivity. These kinds of connoted messages will most likely impact how the developing children will view gender and their status in the society. Through absorbing these gendered stereotypes that is displayed by the society either at home, at the market stores and even in the media, it will affect the young ones towards building certain attitudes and unlikely preferences. The theory of Jean peat elucidates that children are not passive social beings; they can react and align themselves by behaving in a certain manner. By assimilation they a construct an understanding of the world which can be helped by their parents through sorting out the information they provide to them at this early ages.

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