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It is also revealed that horror movie fans are over 30% less likely to be parents as compared to fans of other genres. of horror movie fans are millennial and 36% of horror movie fans are from generation X. It has also been revealed that a majority of horror movie fans are actually avid readers. Horror movies are becoming increasingly popular among young people. People like watching horror films to get the thrill of being scared. However even though many people are eager to watch these horror films, it is clear that there are adverse effects connected to exposure to horror films. Despite this a large number of individuals continue to watch horror movies. It is therefore important to investigate the fascination that people have with horror movies to develop an understanding of the horror movie craze. Ringo (2013) investigates the science behind the appeal of horror movies in connection to the human brain reveal that there are some individuals who actually enjoy fear as well as the sensation connected to it. There is a natural high that people get from the fight or flight syndrome. People will usually differ in their chemical response to thrilling situations. Dopamine is one of the main hormones released during scary and thrilling activities. There are some individuals who enjoy the dopamine response more than other individuals. There are a number of individuals who lack a limit to the dopamine response (Ringo, 2010). It therefore means that some people will enjoy the feeling from horror movies more than others.

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It has also been realized that some people enjoy scary movies because they leave an individual with a sense of confidence when they are through. One factor to consider is that when watching horror movies, people are actually scared when in a safe environment. Jarrett (2011) investigates insights corresponding to the human psyche and horror stories. It is revealed that people are often drawn to stories which scare them. Listeners in the past have also been mesmerized by tales such as Beowulf and Homer's Odyssey. Though evil exists for its own good it has a major affinity to good as well. Good people often end up as victims and no one wants to be a victim (Eagleton, 2010). The human nature derives pleasure in destroying and this is one reason why people are largely attracted to horror movies.

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The concept of evil is strong and many people connect to it because it reveals their sense of emptiness, which every human being experiences at one time or another. Begley (2011) explores into reason why the human brain is often attracted to horror movies. Young people understand better how to suppress their feelings and emotions. Horror films also speak to the human condition of existential feat and the knowledge that we are all in fact doomed. Horror movies help individuals to face the reality that they have fears which govern them. However, not all people are fans of horror movies and to some people they are actually unsettling and nerve wrecking. Zinoman (2011) explores the world of horror as well as the effect that horror movies have on the viewer. The topic is one which arouses curiosity and it is therefore important to ask “Why are people fascinated to horror movies?” The question raises curiosity and it will serve as a basis of future research on the topic.

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It will lead to further investigations concerning how horror as a genre has continued to gain popularity. It is clear that there is an increasing fascination with the horror genre despite the nature of these movies. A study of the physiological results of watching horror movies will give a clearer understanding of how horror movies affect the individual. Many people also use horror movies as an escape from life and the reality faced by all human beings. com/why-our-brains-love-horror-movies-fear-catharsis-a-sense-of-doom Eagleton, T. So bad it's good: Why do we find evil so much more fascinating than. Retrieved from http://www. independent. co. Why Do Some Brains Enjoy Fear?. Retrieved from http://www. theatlantic. com/health/archive/2013/10/why-do-some-brains-enjoy-fear/280938/ Zinoman, J. Opinion | The Critique of Pure Horror.

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