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B. Self-objectification • What aspects of a woman make her be objectified? • How the Ying and Yang can translate into the empowerment of the female sexuality. • Objectification as a cause of gender representation C. Societal Expectations, Stereotypes, and Technology • Societal expectations that lead to the development of stereotypes. • What causes the 21st century to become very stereotypical? • How does technology promote objectification? D. In addition to this fact, society itself is pushing a woman to become something different apart from herself (McCauley et al. The statement “being a woman isn’t easy” has been repeated numerous times that it has become a cliché. This unfortunate truth is very real in the 21st century where a woman’s body is overly objectified and merely viewed as a sexual tool. The only person who understands the challenges that a woman goes through is the woman herself.

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Apart from a man being the enemy of a woman, women are known to be arch enemies of themselves. Since time immemorial, when Neanderthals used to roam the earth, the male sexuality has repeatedly exploited the female’s psychological attributes (such as the ability to carry and nature an offspring, and consequently give pleasure) to control and define how the latter should live. This, in turn, led to the creation of gender representation (where she is viewed as a lesser being) that is normally associated with a woman. The situation exists to this date as women are in many instances guarded by socio-cultural modalities. In urgent cases, female sexuality is guarded by politico-religious norms. Lee Kian Seng’s argues that the Ying and Yang are two contradicting elements of nature. Rights such as the freedom to freely express oneself end up being revoked by the society.

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Moreover, society puts minimal effort into trying to understand the woman needs and perspective. This leads to a situation where women are intensively stereotyped and viewed through a single lens. The same situation, when applied to the male sexuality ends up creating chaos and being very problematic. When the male sexuality starts to be conditioned, the society argues by liberalism and radicalism. Stereotyping makes us perceive certain groups in society in an unwanted manner simply because it is hard to comprehend them. Hence, we end up creating a picture in our heads of how such groups should be. Stereotypes base their views on probable characteristics that should be associated with certain groups. In most cases, the views that stereotypes hold onto usually are exaggerated, and only conceived to satisfy what the mind desires to be true.

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In the current society, stereotyping has primarily been aggravated by the existence of different types of media that promote digressive notions about the appearance of a woman. The extensive changes that are experienced in a lady’s body become the primary limiting factor as to how women interact with the rest of society. On the other hand, the society at that point immediately starts objectifying a woman’s body. Depression as Result of Self-Objectification Due to such expectations that set in from the society with regards to beauty, a woman, in turn, starts interacting very differently with their body (Evans, Meredith 50). This leads to body dissatisfaction among female sexuality, which is very rampant in today’s society. Body dissatisfaction makes the female sexuality to abandon the most important aspects that are associated with living like a woman.

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It ends up becoming impossible to steer away from the ubiquity of suggestiveness that is presented by contemporary society. The objectification theory argues that existing in a culture that pushes the female sexuality to internalize the male gaze that is sexually objectifying makes a considerable number of young girls to view themselves as tools. Additionally, they end up embracing the observer’s point of view, and then they use it to clarify their physical appearance so that the viewer can accept them. When this occurs, it leads to self-objectification, and it is evidenced by the constant desire of women to change or perfect their appearance continually. Self-objectification is also brought about by sexual objectification. The current culture is obsessed with the idea of a perfect body for the female. This, in turn, leads the women to believe that they can only be happy after changing their appearance to fit into what is perceived as being right (Evans, Meredith 13).

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This makes women direct nearly all their resources towards ensuring that they can appear as being perfect. In the end, this leads to less than optimum performance and the inability to overcome higher lifetime prevalence such as depression. If this trend is not curtailed early enough, then it might imply that the future woman will be at a higher risk of being exposed to the demands of the society (McCauley et al.   Works Cited Baumeister, Roy F. and Jean M. Twenge. Cultural suppression of female sexuality. Review of General Psychology 6.

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