Widespread Anti Transgender Biases and Adverse Effects on Rights of the Transgender People

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Transgender persons exist worldwide, and studies show there are about 1. 4 million such people in the United States. (Transequality. org). The term transgender came into use in the late 20th century, but people who fall under this category have existed in all cultures throughout history (Hrc. The education sector in the United States has also been heavily plagued with numerous transgender negative biases. A research conducted on this topic revealed that 78% of those interviewed had been harassed and discriminated against through physical assault and/or sexual violence while in school. Out of this number, about 15% could not bear and left the schools, and according to the findings, those respondents harassed by teachers had worse negative effects including poor health (Jaime et al.

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Confirming these harassments, Brynn Kellet narrated how in school she was always mocked because of being feminine and weak and so to keep the bullies away from her she decided to be “hyper-masculine” (Noma). The transgender people in America have faced many complex obstacles in their endeavor to get employment and earn a living. Definitely, discrimination in health care services against transgender persons results in poor health outcomes. Available research data reveals that 19% of respondents were refused medical care while 50% encountered uninformed doctors and so had to teach the providers about transgender care (Jaime et al. This implies there is no trained staff acquainted with healthcare needs of transgender persons. In addition, some respondents had to postpone medical care due to discrimination or inability to afford.

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The effects of these negative prejudices and hostility in health care services range from higher rates of smoking, suicide attempts, HIV infection, smoking, marginalization, drug abuse and alcohol use unlike among the general population The housing sector has also not been spared and according to research discrimination ranged from denial to occupying a home or apartment at 19% of respondents and evictions based on gender identity at 11% while many who tried accessing a homeless shelter faced harassment through sexual assault or being turned away in the hands of shelter staff or residents. In the United States, violence incidences targeted at transgender persons resulted in the murder of 13 in 2014. The women were killed by partners or strangers through burning, shooting, strangling or were stabbed.

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Moreover, a certain trans murder monitoring project report records that in 2017 about 25 transgender persons were killed in the United States on the basis of their gender identity and over 80% of those murdered are usually transgender women of color. These killings are instigated by prejudice, racism, hate crimes, hate speech and political attacks by state and federal leaders on the transgender community (Noma). In order to implement measures which protect the rights of transgender people in the United States, there is a need for laws on which the measures would be anchored. However, in most cases, they avoid such restrooms and may develop kidney or urinary tract infections. Similar four anti-transgender bathroom-related bills were introduced in Tennessee state and other places like South Dakota where a bill barred mention of word gender identity or gender expression while according to a proposed bill in New Hampshire a transitional medical care on a minor was to be treated as child abuse (Jaclyn).

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Definitely, these acts have demonstrated there is no political will to enact bills which protect the rights of transgender people in the United States. There is also the problem of collective challenges which combined together exert a lot of pressure and stress on the transgender people. Among those interviewed, a high number of about 63% admitted they had faced several discriminations such as physical assault, eviction, school bullying, lost job, sexual assault, denial of medical service, incarceration, etc, hence such persons could not financially and emotionally sustain themselves. bloomberg. com/quicktake/transgender-rights> 2015 Hrc. org. Understanding the Transgender Community. Retrieved March 16, 2018 from < https://www. Injustice at Every Turn A Report of the National Transgender Discrimination Survey. Washington: National Center for Transgender Equality and National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

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