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Kaila Proulx said, whoever has health has got hope, and whoever has hope has everything. He later described that health is not just a feeling; good or bad, an external appealing look. Instead, it is the all-surrounding of who we really are as individuals. Unluckily, health has been misinterpreted by the present society, misconceived by the social media and twisted to be used equivalently with stuff on physical strength and thinness. Well, in reality, good health is still considered as a collaboration of one’s mental, spiritual, emotional, physical and social state at any point in time. All in all, it is still necessary to be spiritually healthy though some people do not find it necessary (Benakay, 2016).   In the past few months, people have been reading several popular press articles on health hence getting exposed to several messages on health and wellbeing.

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Well, these messages tend to be of great health information on tips on how to be healthy. On the other hand, some of the articles give false information on health hence misleading individuals who get exposed to the wrong information. For this context, I will discuss the workout routines in the fitness magazine. Some of the ways to score major confidence by Borden were; planning one’s workout i. e. having a plan on how you will have your routine and read through it before going to the gym to avoid feeling uncomfortable. Another option of planning is through downloading an app which will lead you through your routine. Practicing at home was also a convenient way of reducing these fears hence improving someone’s confidence.

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Someone should consider trying HIIT workouts she has never tried before. This keeps the body and minds active and it maximizes one’s time ensuring you are in a state of EPOC for a while ensuring the body keeps breaking down calories after you are done working out. Pieces of equipment needed for this routine are dumbbells and a mat for the whole exercise. In the fitness magazine, having prenatal exercises i. e. Also, delaying as you eat slows one’s process of recovery and this could hinder you from giving your best next time at the gym. However, someone should always take a small snack for recovery within an hour after the workout. According to Skolnik, when one’s body is more open to a repair of the muscles and refilling of glycogen, the body is restored due to a quick recovery.

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Food needed after a workout should be rich in proteins and energy restoring carbohydrates such as yogurt, smoothies, milk, bananas or even chocolates. When exercising, one should go for the best gels and running chews but people do not know how to choose them. how long someone is working out. Generally, the following guidelines could assist someone in the quantity of fuel she should take. For a period of one to two hours, you require thirty grams of carbohydrates each hour (Jaggi, Ghosh, Prakash, & Patankar, 2017). Secondly, what someone eats after the workout also matters. Generally, one should eat food rich in carbohydrates or proteins. Always remember downfalls and celebrate them because they make someone strong for the next. To crown it all, the finish line is what matters.

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