Workplace communication in hospitals

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Each key player, in health-based system settings, navigates through communication to effectively role play in the success of the group. Healthcare is not the only setting where communication is vital to success but in all workplaces, there is a need for effective communication for the success of the setting. Health care is the most affected as wrong information leads to life-threatening results and effective communication brings the best results. Healthcare, a sensitive area dealing with lives and teamwork is one of the lead cases in the sector making communication vital. Effective communication is not one way but both parties involved in the communication have to take part and understand what information is being relayed to them. Effective communication is vital in surgery in that there is a need for open communication between the surgeons operating a patient.

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During the pre-surgeon researches, a junior surgeon may have better ideas on the matter at hand. If the communication between the junior surgeon and the senior surgeon is not effective they will not be able to open up to the surgeon and give their ideas which may prove to be lifesaving or better than those of their seniors. Effective communication is one where the junior feels appreciated and the ideas are listened to in the making of the final decision about the surgery. The senior idea may also be the best ideas but once communicated effectively to the involved parties; there will be ideas to improve on it and the best ways to go about it for it to be successful.

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When assigned a task they are able to express their finding and communicate possible solutions as they can be well understood and their work is respected. At the end of it, in case a post arises in the workplace, the members who can communicate are the first to be considered in the post. They are favoured since they can communicate their mind effectively and in case of a problem they are able to point it out for the needed action to be taken. At any workplace communication is one of the key factors of the highest ranked members. The directors or presidents of hospitals, for instance, are effective communication and are able to give precise and clear instructions to the team members (Pearson, 2010).

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If the doctor is too much attached to the patient, surgery may be compromised as there is an emotional attachment between the two bringing in impaired judgment (Thompson, 2002). Through communication, it is effective to incorporate the student surgeons. If the communication is clear and precise, the student surgeons will be able to understand what is taught to them and be able to carry it out effectively on their own. Effective communication between the student and the surgeon, who is teaching, makes it possible for the student to ask why a particular action is taken instead of another action. It is possible for the student to learn more from the instructor as they understand why they have to treat different surgeries with a different perspective and hence improving their skills to better and innovative surgeons in the future.

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Communication hence proves essential in the innovation of the team (Pearson, 2010). Communication becomes essential in the hospital surgeon department as mostly the chief surgeon assigned with surgery is trusted by the family of the individual being operated. In case of loss of life of the patient, the doctor has to find a way to deliver the news to the family. Effective communication will be needed in the situation as ineffective news delivery might bring in more loss in the family. The doctor has to find a way to give the news effectively and to the point to be sure the family understands what happened and what caused the situation. An overflow of communication should be avoided as the information overflow can lead to ineffective work delivery by the members.

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