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The second world war which is considered to be the greatest world war in the history of humankind was greatly triggered to a larger extent by the disputes left unsettled in the world war 1 which led to the deaths of at least fifty million people(John & Thomas ,2018) Keywords: Allies, Axis, Causes of War, Results, Adolf Hitler etc. Add Title Here, up to 12 Words, on One to Two Lines The body of your paper uses a half-inch first line indent and is double-spaced. APA style provides for up to five heading levels, shown in the paragraphs that follow. Note that the word Introduction should not be used as an initial heading, as it’s assumed that your paper begins with an introduction.

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Causes of the War The Second World War was greatly influenced and triggered by various factors. To the northern part of Germany. Fascism was embraced by the Nazis. On their rise to power in the late 1920’s, the Nazis led by their leader Adolf Hitler advocated for racial purity of the Germany people. On 30th January 1933 Adolph Hitler was appointed as the Reich chancellor of the whole Germany by President Paul Von Hindenburg (Hickman, 2017) The third reason for the break out of the war was the assumption into power by the Nazis. Just a month after Hitler was assumed into power as a chancellor, the Reichstag building burned and Adolph Hitler used this incident as an opportunity to ban all those political parties that opposed his policies.

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The fifth reason for the break out of the war was as a result of Germany invasion in Poland. Fear and tension had existed between Poland and Germany concerning the free city of Danzig and the "Polish Corridor” since world war 1. Hitler began planning for the invasion of Poland all in an effort of resolving these issues and gaining fame from the German people. Poland’s army was relatively weak and poorly-equipped compared to Germany. Therefore Poland had earlier formed alliances with Great Britain and France in order to help defending her in case of any form of attack from the Germans. Secondly, the Axis powers military was greatly overstretched. Hitler’s forces were spread very thinly-this is because he had troops stretched all the way on the Russian front, on the French western coastline and both sides of the Mediterranean.

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Furthermore, Hitler did not understand the fact that committing a war against Britain would actually give a chance to the whole of the English kingdom to counterattack any kind of attack from the Germans. The Japanese military also was overstretched out far beyond their basic capacity thanks to its limited industrial power and its small size. Moreover, Mussolini was also to be blamed as his incompetence in the war led to aggressive drain of Hitler’s resources. Another effect of the war is that it led to withdrawing of borders for several countries. For instance, Germany was forced to give away a lot of eastern territories to USSR and Poland as well as been divided into two zones; eastern and western Germany, controlled by the Western Allies and the Soviet Union.

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