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Schizophrenia Annotated Bibliography

R. Family Burden in Patient with Schizophrenia and Depressive Disorder: A Comparative…

Words: 681Pages: 3

Health issues in elderly people Annotated Bibliography

doi:10. 4061/2011/741918 This review examines the hip fracture. The hip structure is mainly…

Words: 923Pages: 4

Relationship Between Gender and Depression

To prepare this annotated bibliography, the author searched for a variety of…

Words: 2086Pages: 8

Major depression Annotated Bibliography

usnews. com/news/health-care-news/articles/2018-05-10/diagnosis-of-major-depression-on-the-rise-especially-in-teens-and-millennials) The writer of this article focuses on demographic occurrence and…

Words: 562Pages: 2

Annotated Bibliography Child Counselling

Provider-initiated HIV testing and counseling for children. PLoS medicine, 11(5), e1001650. This…

Words: 880Pages: 4

Depression Annotated Bibliography

, Elizarraras, E. , Kravitz, R. , & Apesoa-Varano, E. Family-centered depression…

Words: 322Pages: 2

To what extent are the lives of adolescents and young adults shaped by parental and peer influences

It is correct that their peers in class might be positive about…

Words: 1815Pages: 7

How Social Media affects Our Body Image

In the long run, it develops a high likelihood of low self-esteem…

Words: 1237Pages: 5

Counseling with Children Impacted by Divorce

 Drustvena istrazivanja, 23(1), 5-24. doi:10. 5559/di. 01 The rate of divorce is increasing at…

Words: 1498Pages: 6

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder bibliography

, Okoro, C. A. ,McGuire, L. C. , Chapman, D. The sample…

Words: 2501Pages: 10

Effects of physical and verbal bullying on children's social and emotional development

 Cognitie, Creier, Comportament/Cognition, Brain, Behavior, 17(4). The article focuses on the relationship between…

Words: 885Pages: 4

Restless legs syndrome treatment

What are Restless legs syndromes? According to Wang and Venkataraman, B 2009, Restless…

Words: 977Pages: 4

Psychology annotated bibliography

, McMahon, B. T. , & Rumrill, P. D. The workplace discrimination…

Words: 2743Pages: 11

The impact of air pollution

There are many studies that have been carried out to establish the…

Words: 973Pages: 4