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The aim of an elected representative is to enhance the process of managing the issues in the particular constituency or district so that the needs of the inhabitants are implemented as required. The name given to such a representative is congressmen or congresswoman. The most common congressional districts are located in the countries such as Japan, Philippines and the United States (Barone et al. p. Moreover, the population of the constituency is the key determinant. Its landmark lies within the counties such as Onondaga, Cayuga, Oswego, and Wayne. The district is congressional as it takes part in the electoral process. For example, it will hold its elections on this year. Last year, the district was placed on the top list that consisted of top ten House races for this year.

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Moreover, the 24th Congressional district conducts a primary election where all the registered voters elect a representative among the candidates contesting for the seat. The party had dominated national politics in America especially in the northern part of the state. The candidates under the party are referred to as Republicans since they are the conservatives or the right. On the other hand, the Democratic party is based on the right of people to elect their own leaders due to their democratic right. Those who support the party are referred to as Democrats (Jacobson p. After every four years, the democratic party holds National Conventions which are aimed at agreeing on the candidate they wish to elect for president. Political groups Under this category, the general election process is described by emphasizing on the political groups involved.

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The two major political groups are the Democrats and Republicans. The Democrats are mainly the supporters of the democratic party which emphasizes on the democracy of the voters to elect their chosen leaders. On the other hand, the Republicans are those who support the Republican party which deals with the right and conservatives (Sanjek p. For instance, the current party governing the district is the Republican which is led by John Katko. The implication of the statement is that many people in the district are employed in different workplaces. As a result, a few number of people in the district are left unemployed. The evidence is shown where the average income for the household is $51,724 which is large enough to sustain the inhabitants of the constituency (Wojcik p.

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Similarly, the huge income contributes to an increased number of children being educated since fees payment is not a problem in the district. That is the reason why the graduation rate is 28. Firstly, it is good to talk about the problems facing the district such as lack of enough water. After addressing the issue, the contestant should then provide measures he would take to solve the problems after being elected. By doing so, he will automatically acquire the office without a competition for the other candidates. Secondly, the candidate should address the issue of poor infrastructure in the district and promise the people to improve it. Thirdly, the candidate ought to talk about the issue of poverty in the district then provide techniques he will use to solve the problem by making sure that every household has enough food for sustainability.

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