Missing of Indigenous People in Canada

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MMWIG is a worldwide disaster as Dawn Lavell Harvard refers it. The truth and reconciliation commission has joined forces in the missing and murdered women and girls’ cases. There is a contrast on the reported cases of the murdered or missing females. Women groups have reported over 4000cases by 2014 while the Canadian police have reported just 1200 cases (Brady 918-922). The difference is statistics may be due to ineffective database and inappropriate clarification and grouping of such cases by the police. The government has received many criticisms from people because of poor communication, poor planning and investigation. The commission was reluctant in the hiring of a communication officer and the use of media to report cases was ineffective due to lack of internet access by many.

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Moreover, due to lack of good rapport with the victim families the government failed in solving the cases. The government also failed in budgeting for the money set aside for the cases. The family members of the victims need to be well monitored to cope with the traumatic experience. The women organizations are the best alternative to deal with these cases since they do not bear structural and historical discrimination. The federal government has to work hand in hand with the women organizations if these reported cases are to be solved. The national inquiry the government launched in 2016, is facing a downfall. Many of the commissioners are resigning from office which is worrying to the victim families. The women native association wants the inquiry restructured and has since pulled down its financial support.

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Proper communication and effective database recordings are needed to ease the solution to these cases. According to the Star. com “Technology have made it easier for the police to deal with such cases”. They can either know if the person is missing or dead. The cause of the person death can be analyzed through postmortem and technology can also identify the relatives of the dead person through DNA investigation through technology can be able to determine the cause of a person death. Poverty is a major problem to many people. For an investigation to be effective then there ought to be finances. Looking for a missing or a murdered body, having a lawyer to see through the investigation and even the cost of passing information through media.

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Poor working relationship between the investigators and family members is also a major obstacle to the solution of these cases. Racism has also made it impossible to solve these cases because policemen favor the whites more hence other races are not given a chance to report their cases. The government should fund the investigation of murder and killing cases if solution is to be found. In Canada, there are still cases of killings and missing women. With the solutions considered, then the federal government and the women organizations will be able to curb the threat at hand. If the restructuring of the inquiry will be a help, then let it be done. Women should be given equal rights as men to reduce the MMIWG cases.

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