How Liberal Views Are Impacting Services for Homeless Negatively

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In some way, it makes sense to work hard and have your own wealth to improve yourself economically. Considering this idea, the conservatives believe strongly in less government involvement in poverty alleviation. The debate goes on and on and the citizens keep suffering. If the policies of the conservatives are taken into consideration, the country would take less interest in individual’s lives, as proposed by the liberals who believe the government should do almost everything (Owens). To support the practicality of their idea, the liberals argue on increment of taxation, and creation of larger governments that they expect will serve the people well. The arguments go on and on and eventually end up with very good ideologies that lack practical implementation, based on the available resources that a country may possess.

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Now, the liberals often discuss to the optimum levels, with very little methodologies on solution, yet present lots of proposals. Many are times when these discussions are kept in records and none or very little implementation takes place. Conservatives on the other hand believe that individuals are responsible for their state of economy ("Politics of Homelessness and the 'Quality? of Urban Life"). That is there is room for creation of personal evaluation and improvement. Analytically, the liberals’ phenomenon of depending on the government for almost everything, in the pretext that people do pay taxes is way too misleading. If anything it encourages laziness and the spirit of cover dependence on the government resources. The poverty levels keep rising, with a large number of people believing that the government should help.

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And as far as the government is concerned it may be very costly or may be considered lower priority concern. Banking on the ideas of the liberals creates the classists and a more complex social stratification of the citizens (Partos and Bale 102). The New York City has lots of homeless people that must be spread across the city rationally. The liberals in Brooklyn believes that the government should take its citizens “elsewhere”. The image behind how they fight for human rights and the equality value of the human race is quiet very hypocritical (Carney, et al. Carroll Gardens and Greenpoint – the proud liberals’ neighborhoods in Brooklyn have often developed a fierce opposition to homeless shelter creation close to their havens. Actually, it is worth noting that despite their debate nature just about everything, they often lack favorable solution to imminent humanitarian crisis.

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Actually what we see is in liberals is majorly debates with no specifics that can solve the imminent problem. Of course the conservatives have moved down to the specifics that need implementation to realize poverty alleviation through: Education – high quality and skillset based system that enhances job creation, Marriage –The conservatives proposes marriage to limit the single parenthood, providing Opportunities – specifically to enhance economic empowerment to people and work – creation of more employment opportunities. With strict implementation to these policies, the conservatives ideologies are easier to implement, and proves critical in giving good results. Works Cited "Acknowledgment of Housing Policy Debate Reviewers. " Housing Policy Debate, vol. " Political Psychology, vol.  29, no.  6, 2008, pp. Haskins, Ron. "Are Conservatives Serious About Fighting Poverty?" Brookings, 28 July 2016, www.

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