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However, his admiration comes from the originality exhibited in his work, genius art for music which transcended in their times. He had influence and esteem oozing out of his musical work. His music is developed with highly intellectual and overlapping medical lines. However, his music can sometimes be challenging to listen at times especially for first listeners. While he evokes emotions with his songs, it is the thought and passion contained in his songs that are unique and very appealing. Similar to the traditional birthday song, this new song needs to have seeds of ideas that are repeated. Of the three chosen composers, you are the most emotionally expressive and hence able to evoke emotions from the audiences, this is the direct requirement for the composer required for this new composition.

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Although your work is always long you are chosen for this composition because your music leads to a very good show-dramatic in extremity, you are also individualistically bold in your musical style. Your music contains a range of sounds and contrasts and has the capabilities to bring the creativity and the sudden changes required in the composition of this song. You exhibit keenness in music composition and ability to connect with people which is an attribute that makes you a special composer for this birthday present song. While the song should be able to invoke emotions of love, care, and hope, it needs some kind of craft and creativity and even more important an instinctual feeling within which has been portrayed in your previous songs. The harmony should also evoke a celebratory mood as this is another year and milestone in someone’s life.

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Also, it should generate happiness, a big smile and put his out into belting from my uncle in the sense that he can even sing along with other family members. With the classical nature of your song, my uncle should be able to have a feeling of shared positive experience since it is his special day. Classical music possesses the emotional benefit that will boost the relationships with his family, this is where the aspect of songs going hand in hand with emotions comes in him. The song’s melody must be pleasing hence this element must be incorporated in a way that the lyrics are fashionably narrated using birthday wishes and narration of uncle’s life. A song without a theme cannot be said to be complete. You are chosen because your musical style has a way of spontaneously generating a theme for a song while keeping the background into consideration and since this is a birthday song, the theme which will be largely birthday wishes for my uncle, the wishes can form the backbone of the song.

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Your musical style of slow rhythms and no too loud beats must be maintained due to the audience in the party and no one must not feel disturbed or unappeased by the song. The classical songs are known to be harmonious, the harmony in the new song must be perfect to ensure that the texture of classical music must be maintained while improving the quality of the song.

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