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They had a manager and other members whom they employed to make the Beatles mission a success. Their type of music started in as rocks in 1950s and roll rhythms. However, different music genres were later included for instance pop ballads, Indian music, psychedelia as well as hard rock. They become famous and were regarded as the most influential as well as the leading music band (Lewisohn 21). They ended up with the name “The Beatles” due to the influence of The Crickets and hence wanted to choose a rodent’s name. They were however disappointed to find unhygienic clubs, they worked for long hours, a large number of easy women as well as poor living conditions. Their stay in Germany was beneficial because they gained knowledge in performance.

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The money they expected to earn never came. Their stay in Germany was cut short suddenly when George who was then seventeen years of age was deported reason being he was underage. In late 1961, Brian heard about My Bonnie a song in which the Beatles acted as a backup. On February 1963, the Beatles were in UK television promoting their released single by the name please me which was seen by above six million people (Lewisohn 28). They became the talk in the UK charts. This was the starting point of their progressive journey in music industry with every record bringing success to the Beatles. With from me to you hitting they released another single she loves you with a catchphrase yeah with was a caption in every newspaper’s headline.

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It was replaced by another hit from the same band which was the leading song in United states (MacDonald 26). They were awarded MBEs as an appreciation of the services they rendered to the British industry in 1965 (Lewisohn 18). Towards end of 1965, for the first time they released a double song we can work it out/day tripper their capability showing itself in the fact that it was hard to choose between the two sides, a and b. On Christmas 1965 they released an album, rubber soul. In Tokyo the Beatles met the unexpected when the patriots in the country rebelled against them. Students objected the Beatles scheduled performance in Budokan. In 1968, the Beatles much concentrated on running their own company (Lewisohn 15). They revealed that they were doing their activities in isolated neutrality.

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The group had many recorded tapes which were not assembled until the following year. Their last public performance was on the rooftop in Savile Row which is in London. In 1969 it was only McCartney and Lennon who performed in UK. Back in 1969, seeing the group was going down, Lennon made an announcement that he had decided to opt out of the group. He however insisted that the breakup should be kept as the bands secret. They managed to keep the secret until April 10, 1970 when the band was officially dissolved by McCartney (Lewisohn. 39) However, the split, the Beatles left a legacy and they are still remembered as the years go by. They recorded many songs which are listened up to date.  Beatles Recording Sessions: The Official Abbey Road Studio Session Notes, 1962-1970.

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