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At the age of seven, Schubert extended his quest for knowledge in music and here, he encountered the first teacher outside the family by Michael Holzer. Schubert had his star in music and at the age of eleven, October 1808; he attained choir scholarship at Stadtkonvikt1. And this marked a significant point in his journey of being a successful musician. Schubert was a prolific musician of the time; he made himself a record of 1500 works during the 31 years he lived. However, during his active life in music, he had a handful of fans majorly them being family members and few friends. Relevance of Music to Politics of the Time In one of his famous music "Ave Maria," Franz ensured the most outstanding balance of vocal and piano which gives it a breathtaking cadence.

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The music impacts a relaxed feeling on the listeners though at some points it steals the emotions and impacts either happiness or sorrow. Indeed, the music gives a holiday feeling to the listeners. Though the vocals of his music are made in German, it is impossible to escape the peaceful nature of his work. The music comes with a message that the composer is giving a narration of a fascinating story3. The changes to some extents may not be good to the music industry, but distractive to them4. Look back into the classical music; most of them remain in the history besides the music being in the industry for over hundreds of years even if the producers did not take long in the industry.

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Franz, for instance, has remained the king of ‘love music' and his music still preferred for holidays or relaxing mind. The old-fashioned music remains in the system for this extended period as opposed to the current music that hit the industry and ultimately die without not taking even half a decade because the old music had something unique in them that the contemporary musicians lack in the industry, the real talent. Most of the 1800s musicians are different from today's because the past composers wrote music that had real depth in them. Ideally, it is so unpleasant taking time to listen to such kind of music. Researcher7Is of the view that classical music was made with the primary purposes of entertaining the audience, and to stimulate them both intellectually and emotionally if at the same time, they would be used as a channel of passing specific information to the community.

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While the modern music is equally meant to stimulate the listeners, it is different in the essence that the contemporary music stimulates the audience to get to the dance floor and also stimulate them to use all manner of substances within their reach. However, both the modern and classical music has been used for commercial especially in the advertisement. The method of composition is also a factor in the analysis of the classical music and the contemporary music. References "Franz Schubert - A Short Biography".  Choose Piano Lessons. http://www. choose-piano-lessons. com/franz-schubert. https://www. thefamouspeople. com/profiles/franz-peter-schubert-386. php. Gerstin, Julian. http://www. africansunmedia. co. za/Portals/0/files/extracts/Gender%20and%20Sexuality%20in%20South%20African%20Music%20Extract. pdf Maurice J.

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