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An example is where religious people tend to ark their territory by singing a certain genre of songs even though they aim to worship. Thus many people listen to music depending on their moods. They will listen to different songs as long as they soothe their nerves. In societies that are divided by cultural music, music can be used as a reconciliation. Music holds great importance, and it has a special significance to all of us. It is a Sufi with a high pitch. It has very distinct sounds and is strictly built up in verses and choruses. It evolved out of Sufi poems and chants of Gods name. Qawwali musicians view themselves as religious and are entrusted with the responsibility of evoking the name of God.

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Qawwali songs are long and similarly structured as to that of northern Indian music, its structures are defined by strict rules. They are mostly associated with court music from the Mughal Golden Age. Shayari is an element of the Ghazal which is sung at a slow pace, and its lyrics are repeated twice or thrice (Broughton). The other type is the Classical Music; containing raag and taal elements. Popular raag is heard in easily digestible forms. It is intimately associated with North India temple rituals. It also expresses the mood of the people. The rhythm is what holds the dancers together. Music was used to communicate and also in praising heroes and other rituals. The genres of music in Africa are; hymn, a dirge that feels for the occasion.

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Ewen believes that many genres of music got their start from the USA from hip-hop to rap to country to blues. According to Antos & Constantine, music has changed with technology. Most earlier pieces of equipment were horns, strings, and percussion. With time appliances advanced and others developed. Clarion thrived faucet; violins twine improved in standard and clarinets appeared. The twentieth century brought items like guitar, pianos, and bass. In our future time, the music we found cooler before will be outdated then, we cannot blame the music, but it's because of our culture thus music and culture flow together (Moloney 73). Everything is musical in its own way. Ghosh (568) states that music is universal, it will tell you when to become emotional and not.

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It can give you pride and also anger. Music is also used in communication like the anthem. Also, too much listening to music leads to anti-social behaviors. Modern music has led to sexual promiscuity. These songs come up with lyrics that give negative thoughts to teenagers. Also music can lead to engagement in drugs due to influence by the artists. Lee states that music lets you discover your connection to humanity. Work Cited Agrawal, A. "How Digital Marketing Is Changing the Music Industry. " Inc. Disponível em: https://www. inc. Broughton, Simon, ed. World music: The rough guide. Vol. Rough Guides Limited, 1994. Cody, Radmilla. " Music Educators Journal 73. Knight, Mark Stephen, et al. "Method of providing digital rights management for music content by means of a flat-rate subscription.

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