A critical survey of american identities

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Apartheid-era was very well established in South Africa just as discrimination was on the side of immigrants in America. Basically, the film talks about an American musician, by the name Sixto Rodriguez and the culture he existed in while in South Africa. In the movie, two of his fans realize that there are rumors that Sixto is dead and they would want to find out about what happened to him. All through the movie, Sixto is extremely depicted as a legendary as well as a mysterious beam. This essay will analyze his illustration according to the opening of the movie. The government enforced laws that prevented the blacks from accessing the white places at the same time the ruling enforcing laws that obligated the nonwhites to carry credentials to confirm their recognition.

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There were also rules that discouraged them from having a close encounter with the whites in the state's government. The ruling regime re-introduced the ethnic association for blacks and the endorsement of Bantu self –Government Act of 1959 as well as formed ten African homelands. Further, the ruling ensured that every African citizen was barred from the South African political organization Rodriguez took the initiative of speaking about the oppression that existed in South Africa. In the movie “Searching for Sugar man” it is explained of how the musician’s songs helped the young whites stand in opposition to apartheid. Having been born in America, Sixto was not famous as he did in South Africa after there was unexplained loss about him.

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