The Breathing House Analysis

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Brandley has a unique way with words that's why her poems differ in nature and appearance. Some of the poems are regular while others are irregular. The meaning of the word poem can be described as a way of expressing something in an indirect manner requiring the reader to reflect deeply on what the message of the poem could be. Brandley achieves this with minimal effort. When reading the poems one is able to decipher on his or her own on what the poem really is about and the intended message. Women tend to succumb into pressure and become emotional. That's the reason why the secretary succumbed to pressure and lost consciousness. The poem narrates the in-depth experience victims undergo during terrorist attacks and the fate that awaits their loved ones.

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The atmosphere of the poem can be said to be that of anxiety and shock. The poem is both emotional and sad since there are pain and trauma with the whole ordeal. It can also symbolize the power of unity. Through their marriage, people are able to see them for what they really are as opposed to when they were alone. (p20) Due to their rejection by the people, their self-esteem is shattered and they are both scared that the other partner will reject them too. As a result, their marriage earns them the status in the society and together they become inseparable. This poem teaches on how different people have different views on something and how quick they are to pass judgment without a second thought.

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The persona took the quickest path and later realized that it did not bare any efforts. "There I was, more alone than searching than if I had never gone out. " (p21) The persona regrets taking the fast lane and getting more lost and alone than he would have if he had not gone out. This implies that choices we make in life always come back to haunt us. BLACK SCHOOL "Black school" is a poem that talks about a school that is run by a nun. The nun, however, seems to command respect and fear from the students. Nonetheless, the students appear to like a certain sister by the name Sister Lupe who also seems to be dancing and show a lot of dislike to a certain newcomer when she dances.

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"They applaud their Sister Lupe's moves and glare at the newcomer who dances with a Catholic chalice" (p10) This poem may be interpreted to mean the time when Africans were being liberated from ignorance through education. Missionary schools were being built and run by nuns and religious leaders. HOTEL CHANCE From the title of the poem "Hotel chance," Brandley narrates about a certain hotel that has a story on its own. "The man has his bag always packed". This may mean that the woman is his maiden and that's why they meet in a hotel. The woman longs for the day that the man will stay by her side forever but is afraid to speak out loud. "He is a seed in the vast bed of her longing".

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