Appearance versus Reality

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The book hamlets depict the various literary devices that have been employed to address the repercussions of the choices that we make in our lives. The entire essay will strive to explore how the choices we make in our lives have dire consequences in our lives as well as to our fellow members in the society. The essay will focus on the three characters Claudius, Polonius, Rosencrantz, and Guildenstern. The paper will endeavor to explore the repercussions of the choices made by the mentioned characters. Claudius is one of the main characters that have been depicted to be full of pretense. The main reason that he was greatly sorrowful was not genuine as he just wanted to hide the guilt he had for causing his death.

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The theme appearance versus reality is depicted through King Claudius as he appears to be sorrowful yet he was the main cause of the death of the old Hamlet. He is aware of the crime he committed and his actions in the novel are to work hard in order to conceal his actions. He appears to be good but in the reality, he is a murderer and an evil person. The theme of appearance versus reality is depicted through Claudius’ pretense of mourning throughout the novel. He also appears to be a courageous man but in the reality, he was a great coward and a spiritless person. At the beginning of the play, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are depicted as unable to recall where they are heading and also how they commenced their journey to the last instants in which they are befuddled by their pending deaths.

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The frequent confusion that is confronting Rosencrantz and Guildenstern deters them from making any meaningful choices that can impart a significant positive impact on their lives. Their entire passivity made them unable to respond to the random forces that are pushing them towards their deaths. Stoppard has a lot of influence upon Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and therefore he is able to transport them from one point to another without Rosencrantz and Guildenstern making any choice but following the orders that have been issued. The theme, Appearance, and Reality are clearly shown in the character of Polonius and his general character of trustworthiness and his true self. Polonius is seemingly a good person and a trusted father to Ophelia and Laertes. His deceptive character is clearly portrayed by showing dishonesty to Laertes when he blesses him in preparation for going to College.

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He also presents his son with a detailed list of propriety while including things that should not be forgotten. Later after Laertes gets to college, his father gets Reynaldo and sends him to spy on his son and tells him to make an inquiry of how he has been behaving before paying him a visit. His intentions are speaking well as a political figure rather than being good as the expectations of the general public. Polonius acts as the king's advisor and is entitled to the recognition and determination of the cause of the madness of Hamlet. We also see him aiding the spying of Claudia on Hamlet. On page 27 we see Polonius telling Claudia, "My lord, he is going to his mother's closet… behind the arras, I will convey myself… to hear the process…" Thereafter Claudia goes ahead and hides behind a tapestry by the wall in order to eavesdrop and get to know what Hamlet knows from the conversation between him and Gertrude.

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