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It has, in turn, led to the increase in the number of patients on the transplant waiting list and also the death of patients waiting for the transplant. No meaningful solution has been enacted to help salvage the situation; the only prominent solution has been through the purchase of the body organs in the black market which is a matter that has created debate in many countries except for Iran where the act is legal (Beyar, 2011). The trading of body organs has been met with a lot of obstacles thanks to the many ways by which these organs are procured in a bid to help a dying patient. The selling or rather trading of body organs has been associated with organ trafficking which under the UN laws, it is placed under human trafficking which is a crime.

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It is believed that close to 95% of the body organs in the black market are obtained from exploited individuals who sometimes maybe lied to being given money or drugged (Abuona, 2008). As such, the trade is one that is full of exploitations both from the sellers and the recipients side with lobbies benefitting from all that. The business is a boom, since many of those who wants the organs are wealthy individuals from the developing countries and with the supply and demand being the drivers of the market, the trafficking of organs has become extremely a difficult problem to deal with. Relevance of the policy problem The shortage of organs is a major problem in the world; the number of patients that are in line waiting for organ donation or transplantation is more, compared to those willing to donate.

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It was great news to many people when it was announced that advances had been made in the field of medicine and that people could now replace their organs with new ones donated by a willing donor (Davis, 2009). As such, this development saw a rise in the number of patient enrolling for an organ transplant and there were only a few people that were willing to donate their organs especially the kidney. Many of these organ trafficking problems can be addressed through legalizing organ trade; that is the gap that has been existing between demand and supply. The study will provide an extensive research on the advantages that come with the legalizing the trade of organs. Research Questions Some of the research questions that will be of help in the study as far as shading light on the benefits of lifting the ban on organ trafficking include: i.

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What are the problems facing organ trade? ii. What are the reasons behind the banning of trading body organs? iii. Even though there has been various regulations that have put in place to stop the illegal trafficking of organs, the vice has not reduced, in fact it has continued to rise. There are several reasons has to why these laws have not taken effect until now. As it is known, the business is a lucrative one and thus, everyone is trying all the possible ways to benefit from, the problem is that as much people are benefitting, there are those that are being oppressed. As such, by legalizing organ transplant, it will see many of these vices being put to halt since everyone will be in a position of walking into a trusted institution and donate his or her organs freely without being coerced.

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