A Jury of Her Peers Analysis

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The story later drew considerable attention among critics based on the manner in which it is written as well as presented. Over time, more and more people have been able to enjoy the highly anthologized artistic piece based on the fact that Glaspell has adapted it from an actual court that she had previously covered in her early life as a journalist working with Des Moines Daily. The author has been able to tailor her story to best suit the needs of all readers (Glaspell 3). Glaspell has however gone a point further to allow the female audience to relate to the events in the story adequately. She does this by discussing various issues revolving matters affecting women around the word such domestic violence, gender, and women triumph in a male-dominated society.

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The jury decides to hide critical information that could otherwise incriminate Mrs. Wright. Although not entirely not convincing in the book, the director of the short film makes use of different props to bring out the intended message to the viewers. As opposed to the use of words to elaborate the scenario in the courtroom, the creator of the film incorporates the use of a variety of different actors and actresses to play the various roles as depicted in the book1. Another important strength involves the manner in which the director of the film has been able to come up with a conclusive script that meets the overall objectives of the book. Lexington, KY:: publisher not identified, , 2014. Print. 0 A Jury of Her Peers by Susan Glaspell; "https://www.

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