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In the achievement of desire he is trying to tell us that education is a tedious, long and unglamorous process, indeed education the path to education is not that smooth and I can testify to that due to the fact that my schooling life is more similar to the story of the scholarship boy. However, Rodriguez tells the story of how to go through the education system successfully and also how to become successful in life. There are factors which determine an individual success which he brought to the limelight and that is the reason why his story is just like anyone story, this is because everyone must in one way or another have gone through this experience in life. There are so many factors which might in one way or another attempt to undermine an individual schooling process some of which might be societal based, I personally had a similar experience if not the same as Rodriguez scholarship boy.

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There is need for extra care and attention on trying to close the gap between schooling and family which might as well be a determining factor to success both in the short and in the long run. His honesty of his encounter is actually what has encouraged me to relate with his essay. There is that desire of wanting to achieve more than what your parents can relate to. I as well can clearly relate to Rodriguez because I too come from a humble background from a different country. My family is from Europe but we settled in the united states to look for greener pastures and my parents were to also try their lack to try their lack, I was left with my mother as the only breadwinner of the family since my father died when I we were young.

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When we first arrived in the united states, my mother finds it hard to raise me and my sister due to the fact that she did not had a stable job which was earning her a living by then (Rodriguez,557). The urge for this success as well made me to understand the inner meaning of my desires, it is true that I love my family so much but the fact remains that I had to sacrifice for my education so that at the long run I reap the best out of my achievement and go back and help my mother and sister at home and improve the financial status of my family. Rodriguez was also determining to change their family status in the society and that was why he was ready to do what her mother was doing.

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