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Issuing of Aadhaar to Indians took care of India’s problem of setting up an identity for every citizen. Numerous verification documents were needed to obtain services, like subsidized food ration cards, driving license, mobile phone connection, electricity bill, and opening bank accounts. Typically, 42% of Indians at the bottom of the hierarchy b did not posses these documents, and they were either had to bribe officials to obtain the services or they were totally denied the services. What is more, multiple or false identities permitted fabricated people to collect subsidized fuel and food or even falsely obtain pensions. Aadhaar gave people the hope that it would decline the burden of taxpayers, reduce diversion of administrative subsidies, and develop financial inclusion. Children who had no birth certificates experienced difficulties in obtaining nutritional supplements, school admissions, and health care.

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Additionally, they had little protection against premature enlistment in the army, exploitation, or if accused of a felony, they would face trial as adults. Thus, the introduction of Aadhaar will make sure that the citizens of India are linked to employment, health, and educational services. Aadhaar will put into effect the human face development vision. The second area in social service delivery that would have the biggest beneficial effect is in the error of inclusion. Most of these agendas entail the transfer of funds to beneficiaries so as to take care of family requirements. Identity evidence also makes it possible for people to again access to banking services as well as the capability to open savings account or even send payments.

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Identity evidence can also assist marginalized people, especially migrants, avoid harassment form the law enforcement agencies when the government has issued a commonly recognized proof of identity. Furthermore, autonomy of identification possessed and shared by other household members, notably those who have not had their own personal identity proof can develop a sense of authority and give a person more agencies. All together, identity evidence makes sure those Indian citizen gains in a greater context from the agendas, prospects, and services accessible to them. Another challenge is address proof concerns. UIDAI is aware that Aadhaar cannot be an address proof although the organization utilizes it as a verification of address and yet still opts to remain silent concerning it. Most of the organizations permit Addhaar to be utilized as both address proof and identity proof.

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For instance, banks utilize automated eKYC to involved new clients. However, the truth is that the organization does not certify the location of each individual even though people are asked to present location verification for unique ID enrolment, which is voluntary. They even exceptionally mention that the possession of the unique ID card will speed up the process of obtaining a passport. What is more, the passport agency categorically states that e-Aadhaar from the UIDAI website would be allowed as address verification as well as photo-identity verification for availing passport associated services. The two would effectively authenticate with Aadhaar database. Question 3 What could Nandan Nilekani’s team have done differently in the past? What should they be thinking about (differently) for the near future (one to two years)? In the past, Nandan Nilekani’s team could have advanced the Aadhaar enrolment procedures.

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Improving the processes means that he could have added more enrolment teams to speed up the processes for the citizens who desired to obtain the unique ID. The company should be able to make the entire population of India aware of how to enroll for the unique ID online without having to go to the enrolment stations. The company should also introduce this option of applying online since most people presently use smart phones. UIDAI should be thinking of adding more verification documents in the enrolment process. For instance, the enrolment process ought to ask for credentials like birth certificate of individuals before enrolling members so as to make the Aadhaar more authentic. The company should also think of globalization as an important factor.

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