Activities for High Beginning ESL Learners

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This paper intends to give a brief overview of one literacy project started to help people get appropriate jobs, and provide learners partaking the project with activities that will improve needed skills for employment. Houston Center for Literacy (HCL) is a non-profit organization that was started in 1984 to improve adult literacy rates. The organization was started by the then mayor, Kathy Whitmire, and the city council. The organization worked through supporting education centres and literacy programs, advocating for a proactive response to illiteracy by the whole community, and offers learners with educative materials (Houston Center for Literacy, n. d. Role plays are fun activities that ensure ESL learners are actively involved in the learning process. When working as a concierge, students should recognise that they will have to communicate with customers at various points (Gottsman, 2013).

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For example: when ushering customers into the hotel. Role plays enable students to become familiar with standard hospitality communication skills by understanding both perspectives of the customer and the concierge. The first task under role play is a simple question that is asked by the teacher; what have you seen when you enter a pizza shop? This question is meant to provide enthusiasm for the whole activity as it breaks ice for the role play (Hanson, 2017). These scripts are meant to offer familiarity of how to handle customers in a hotel setting. Students can be more creative in their responses and the scripts are open-ended to allow for that. After a complete conversation, students will switch roles and work with a different set of classmates.

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Samples of the scripts for the role play are given below: Sample I – Role Play: Concierge (Wait for the customers to approach the pizza shop). (Introduce customers to the pizza shop). For example: Thank you (sir/madam). Have a lovely time. Sample II – Role Play: Customers (Approach one of the pizza shops). (Wait for the concierge to welcome you to the pizza shop). (Respond appropriately to the concierge). Activity 2 – Item Survey Duties of a concierge demand them to know names of various items. Errands given to the concierge could include shopping – gifts, groceries, and other items – for guests, overseeing laundry services of various hotel fabrics, and delivering foods and beverages to events (Lifestyle Concierge Services, n. d. There are several other roles that the concierge will handle having similar nature.

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It, therefore, becomes important that the concierge knows the names of these items. Alternatively, they could be items common in Houston hotels. The questions will be limited in number to allow for later discussions. An example of the item survey is given below: Sample III – Item Survey Name. Date. Please answer the following questions: What item is on the 1table? What is the name of the food 2in the fridge? When doing an evaluation of the item survey, teachers should be keen to note how often they ask questions. Cloze activities can be used for high beginning learners interested in any profession (“Activities to promote interaction and communication”, n. d. The activity helps in improving learners’ grammar. The activity can help in reviewing appropriate tenses, ordering of words and appropriate word forms.

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Therefore, a cloze activity will benefit any high beginning ESL learner. 00 p. m. for everybody to show up for recreation. Sample V – Cloze Activity: The Test Instructions: Read and understand the passage given about a trip to the swimming pool. Use the words listed below to fill in the blank spaces. 00 p. m. for everybody to show up for recreation. in at on from ESL learners will be evaluated through the responses awarded in relation to the directions given. Teachers should also attempt to make learners share their experiences to be used in such activities. Retrieved from http://www. cal. org/caela/tools/program_development/elltoolkit/Part2-41Interaction&Communication. pdf Gottsman, D. (2013, July 11). d. Houston Center for Literacy: At the center of progress.

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